ARTIST(s):      Lil' Flip feat. Heather Markey
SONG TITLE:   Sun Don't Shine
ALBUM:            U Gotta Feel Me
[Verse 1: Lil' Flip]
I thank God everyday for pavin' the way
Cause he - made me what I am today
A young entrepenuer wit amazin' talent
In order to be the best you must take the challenge
I'm tryin' a be number one cause number two don't matter
People try to pull you down when you climb the ladder
Niggaz hate to see you up but they love it when you down
That's why I'm always quiet when I come around
Cause - talk is cheap, that's why I rap
I'm gettin' NBA money wit no salary cap
Momma, it feel good puttin' money in ya mailbox
This for my niggaz locked up in the cell blocks
[Chorus: Lil' Flip, Heather Markey] - (Repeat 2X)
Sun don't shine, that's why I spit these rhymes
To ease my mnd
For real, I gotta get away
[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]
In life (in life), you go through joy and pain
And when somebody close die, it give you a migraine
And a whole lot a stress, a whole lot a tears
Days turn into nights, nights turn into years
I'm not happy here, I want another atmosphere
I gotta get away, just to get my mind clear
That's why I smoke so much, cause it relieve my stress
Just imagine - everyday I gotta wear my vest
I gotta watch my back cause niggaz plottin' a jack
When you see these movin' like crack, you feel that?
And to my niggaz in jail, you better keep ya head up (keep ya head up)
To my niggaz in the hood, keep ya bread up
[Chorus: Lil' Flip, Heather Markey] - (Repeat 2X)
[Verse 3: Lil' Flip]
If I died today, shit, I lived my life
And if I could do it again, I'd do it twice
No mo' movin' white or shootin' dice
Or creepin' late night tryin' a screw ya wife (ha ha ha!)
Cause I'm a changed man, wit the heart of a lion
Even if I was a midget, I'd fight a giant
I never give up (I never give up), I'm from the home of the brave (home of
the brave)
I'm still ballin' like +Pac+, from the +Cradle to the Grave+
[Chorus: Lil' Flip, Heather Markey] - (Repeat 3X)