ARTIST(s):      Lil' Flip feat. David Banner
SONG TITLE:   What Y'all Wanna Do
ALBUM:            Undaground Legend
what, what, what, what(repeat)
the most finominal beat of all times
Big Face entertainment, Sucka Free trick
Flip, Banner, they hatin like a bitch
(David Banner)
I be a soulja the 22 inch blades swangin
I see the chrome on 22 inch rims swanging
comin down chop chop Mississipi cha cha
bout bloody, bloody drops(we bump that screw down here)
gettin hot like a dog, black macs for them bitches
mayne we choose to ball step in the spot then (??)
bitch we buying the mall(nawl really?!)
uh yeah!bitch we buying the mall
so get yo ass out the seller
see we true pimps here, watch it them black tops
them other Mississipi pimps bitch suck my balls!
(1, 2, 3)okay now we blowin up aint got no diamonds
on my wrist, but got some(??)in my palm okay die!!!
What these bitches want now?
there it goes some southside shit
give me thirty-gs and I'll pimp on a bitch
like whoa!....
What y'all wanna do, what y'all got to say
we bump that screw down here okay!
how you niggas actin, how you niggas roll
you better reconize southside still holdin
(Lil' Flip)
You like yo music fast, I like my music slow
you cut yo hair off, I let my hair grow
you like to ride Daytons we like to ride Dubs
you bought a barbershop I jus bought a club
you need a engineer I got MJ
you bought a two-way I gotta three-way
you talk about whoa, we talk about maaan
you do a show for $1200 we get $20 grand
you wear Timbalands I wear Air Force Ones
you pack 9-millemeters we back automatic guns
you stuck yo city, we stay on the road
you see me wearing platinum I quit wearin gold
you ridin factory I got candy paint
you sip Beveldere I sip on drank
we ride on swangas but we call em' too chrome
and everytime I do a show we buy new homes
C-Note keep it hot like(??)
rolling 20-inches on a new (?casino?)
got connected wit Texas playas and a bad latino
and you can see me steppin out of a Lamborgino
cause we stackin mo chips then a damn casino
Big shots back accounts full of numbers and 0's
and check the new driveway for the Bentleys & Beamos
and just to know our money strech
just as long as a Limo....and we Screwed up
(Lil' Flip)
8 Ball, MJG, Scareface, Master P, Fat Pat,Keke
Pokey,and Mike D, Big Moe, Botany Boys
H-Duece, Rap Alot, UGK, Big Hawk, Lil'Troy
Michael Watts, Godfather, Outkast
Big Mike, (?Eminem?), DJ Screw, Swisha House
Point Blank, and Lil' Flip
Al D, PS-K, cant forget Street Military
SPM, Lil'Switch, and Fine Dyme, and Barrbarry
Crime, Boss, ESG, what about Goodie Mob
I cant forget about Devin man that boy go hard!
(David Banner)
we bump that screw down here okay!