ARTIST(s):      Lil' Flip
SONG TITLE:   It's a Fact
ALBUM:            Undaground Legend
[Lil' Flip]
Uh, take a look in my eyes, tell me what you see
A nigga who was young, grew up to be a G
I started off playin basketball for my coach
He started hatin so I took a differint approach
I'ma rap, fuck sweatin, and I'ma do somthin
(like what) that a nigga won't be regrettin
Could I ride? (no)
Could I steal? (no)
Could I jack? (no)
Should I kill? (no)
Nah, I gotta get my shit together
Cause a nigga need a house and big furniture with the leather
I pick up the pen, I pick up the pace
And I used to be broke I couldn't even pick up my face
And now, listen to the shit a nigga be doin
While you nigga's thinkin that a nigga's career be ruined
From smokin, and drinkin
Drinkin, and smokin
And I'ma try and go platinum while you thinkin and hopin
Wishin and lookin, trying to do what I do
And if ya fuck with me, ill shoot or ill sue
And how you wanna' handle business, I can get it like that
And sellin work on the block, I used to get it like that
But I had to back back, and open up my eyes
When you runnin in these streets, you might get a surprise
Your friend could be a foe, your girl could be a hoe
And everybody you think got your back, you don't know
Doop been here before a nigga got rich
So Doop right here when I ridin in my 6
My nigga Cease make beats for me everyday
And guess what he don't never ask to get payed
My nigga Red keep it real, Hump got my back
When I didn't have a car, Hump bought a Lac
Now Hump bought a Jag, and I'm in it
Runnin through these hoes but my name ain't Emitt
[Chorus: Lil' Flip]
It's a fact - everybody smiling ain't your friend
Everybody with a grin contemplating on you man
It's a fact - you reap what you sow, better watch what you do
Cause you'll do it to somebody that'll do it to  you
It's a fact - your best friend will turn his back on ya
Pull a gat on ya, even rat on ya
It's a fact - that most niggaz act like hoes
It's a fact - that most niggaz act like hoes
[Lil' Flip]
Now who can you trust, who can you depend on?
When you all broke need money to lend on
When you tryin'a ball and your money been gone
When you tryn'a put the down payment on 10 homes
Will your nigga ride for you? Will your nigga bust?
Will a nigga come and get your ass out them cuffs?
Will your nigga take you to the mall and buy some clothes?
Will your nigga ever put you first before them hoes?
Will your nigga buy you drank and smoke up the weed?
Ride for your ass when niggaz shootin down your street
Come to your funeral and tell a fuckin story
Think about them nuts that we took with no glory
That category, the list
The rappin the hoes, the hoes and the shows
It comes and it goes
De Da De Da De Da
[Flip talking]
Straight up nigga, that's how I feel
Know what I'm sayin'?
Everybody needs to be ballin nigga
If you got chain nigga, your nigga need to have a chain
If you gotta' cut nigga, your nigga need a cut
If you gotta' hundred in your pocket nigga
your nigga need at least have fifty, know what I'm sayin?
niggaz that get in the rap
forget about them niggaz who helped 'em nigga
Keep it real nigga
So that's why I don't wanna fuck with you new niggaz man
I ain't shootin marbles with you niggaz
But y'all cool
[Lil' Flip]
If it ain't Suckafree don't fuck wit me
Cause I know you got your eyes on my luxury
If you ain't Suckafree don't fuck with me
Cause I know you got your eyes on my luxury