ARTIST(s):      Lil' Flip
SONG TITLE:   The Way We Ball
ALBUM:            Undaground Legend
Heyyy, hoooo (This is the way we ball)
Uh-huh; Houston, Texas (This is the way we ball)
Uh-huh.. (This is the way we ball)
(This is the way we ball)
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
And we like to floss, all my diamonds gloss
I represent the dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty South
(This is the way we ball)
And we ridin blades, Jags and Escalades
We third coast born but we all Texas made
(This is the way we ball)
[Verse One]
I'm Lil' Flip, I'm back on the scene, freestyle king
Brand new piece, same byzentine
I'm still sippin lean, I'm still watchin "Scream"
I love wearin platinum, but my favorite color's green
I'm hoppin out Ferraris, my house is three stories
I'm still independent cause Jive couldn't afford me
The meetings were boring, for real I was snoring
The VP was fine, yeah she made me kinda horny
But that's another story, let's get back to the topic
Right now me and Hump negotiatin to buy the Rockets
We might buy the Comets - name it, I done it
If you see it, and want it, buy it, own it
This is for my homies, Pat and DJ Screw (Screw)
R.I.P. dawg cause I really miss you
Boy I'ma stay true, until the day I fall
East coast and West coast, this is how we ball
[Verse Two]
I'm thinkin - designer clothes and fashion shows
I'm thinkin - all my albums goin platinum and gold
I'm thinkin - Jaguars and a Bentley Rolls
I'm thinkin - bein rich before I'm 24
I'm feelin - wood grain all in my tinted truck
I'm fillin - all my teeth up with princess cuts
I'm fillin - jugs up, no mo empty cups
I'm feelin - like I'm worth 10 million bucks
And I know - I wear a watch, yo it was made from a game
And I know - my rims chop like the blades on a plane
And I know - yo baby mama still givin me brain
And I know - that ain't platinum, that's a silvery chain
And I make - nothin but hits when I step in the booth
And I make - rainbows from the sun reflect on my tooth
And I make - DVD's light up in my coupe
I think I feel I know I make money, how bout you?
[Verse Three]
I'm swangin, about to rip the kizzerp, sippin on my syzzerp
If you buy first from me then you just bought a dizzert
Swangas on my whizzeel, platinum in my grizzeel
Me and Doby D stay blowin on some kizzeel
I'm higher than a hizzeel, mind on a mizzell
Southside of H-town show me how you fizzeel
Now you see we ball, now you see we rich
I represent the legendary Screwed Up Click
I wreck I-45, I wreck 2 Screw tapes
I'm 3 wheelin, poppin trunk, goin down Fuqua
So move out of my way cause I'm ridin double R
MJ right behind me in a Lexus bubble car