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Lil Pimp (2005):

  The daringly original and irreverent Lil' Pimp is the first feature film to be shot in the revolutionary flash-animation process, and features such voice talents as Bernie Mac, Ludacris, Lil' Kim, Carmen Electra and William Shatner. Poor Lil' Pimp (voice of Mark Brooks). The little boy just doesn't seem to fit in at home in squeaky-clean suburbia. His only friend is a foul-mouthed talking gerbil, Weathers (Ludacris). Then one day, by accident, he runs into a dazzling 'ho, Sweet Chiffon (Lil' Kim), who takes him to a bar called Playground, a hip-hop wonderland where he befriends master pimp Fruit Juice (Bernie Mac) and is introduced to the world of pimping. There's no place like the Playground and Lil' Pimp calls it home. But his new life and the lives of his beloved 'hos and pimps is endangered by the machinations of the city's scheming, duplicitous mayor Tony Gold (William Shatner). Unless Gold can be exposed for the rat bastard that he is, the Playground and the ghetto surrounding it will be transformed into a toxic golf course. And Lil' Pimp will be forced to return to the horrors of life in suburbia

Norah's Hair Salon (2004):

  An urban dramedy set in the world of a neighborhood hair salon. The central figure in this often wacky world of five hair stylists is Nora, the matriarch and mother-figure to all that enter the salon. Starring Jennifer Lewis, Tatyana Ali, Lil Kim, Tamala Jones and a special appearance by Whitney Houston (synopsis taken from warningfilms.com).

You Got Served (2004):

  Kim plays herself in Screen Gems' hip-hop dance film "You Got Served" for director Christopher B. Stokes. The film stars hip-hop quartet B2K and Marques Houston of hip-hop trio IMx and explores the subculture of street dancing. In a dance battle that sees the winner receive $50,000 and an appearance in a Lil' Kim music video, the female rap star appears to present the winners with their check.

Gang Of Roses (2003):

  Kim's first real movie role was in this Urban western flick, which was released toselected theaters in late 2003. Synopsis: Set in the 1800ís, the town of Flatridge is overrun by a band of outlaws looking for lost treasure said to be buried somewhere in town. In their quest for dominance, the outlaws kill Sally, a whore who happens to be the sister of Rachel, played by Monica Calhoun, 1/5 member of the Roses Gang. With the weight of grief on her heart, Rachel decides to shed her newfound religious faith to bring vengeance upon her sisterís killers. After placing Sally to rest, she goes in search of her former posse to assist her in the reckoning of the outlawsí wrongdoing. When the girls reach Flatridge, things arenít quite as Rachel remembers. The outlaws have taken over town, with the blessing of the local sheriff. As the tension develops, so do the stakes. It is rumored that there is gold in the town. The girls find that time has weakened their bond and that their individual motives begin conflicting with the reason for the reunion. Unbeknownst to the girls, a woman from their past is on their trail, seeking vengeance of her own. (synopsis taken from warningfilms.com) Starring: Monica Calhoun, Bobby Brown, Marie Matiko, Charity Hill, Lil Kim.

Those Who Walk In Darkness (2003):

  Those Who Walk In Darkness was inspired by the hit animated web series of the same name that became widely successful on the UrbanEntertainment.com website. The animated movie revolves around the character Soledad, who is voiced by hip-hopís Grammy-winning, fashion-forward Queen Bee Lilí Kim. Soledad is a female super-cop living in a futuristic Los Angeles that has become home to people with amazing genetic structures ó giving them powers that make them frighteningly superior to normal humans. She joins the Meta-normal Tactical Unit (MTAC) that must face off against these strangely powerful enemies. Click Here to preview 'Those Who Walk In Darkness'.

Juwanna Mann (2002):

  This is a very funny comedy about a basketball star who is booted of the NBA, then poses as a woman and joins the WNBA. Kim plays a jealous girlfriend named Tina Parker. Cast: Ginuwine, Miguel Nunez as the basketball star, Tommy Davidson, Vivica A. Fox and Kim Wayans.

She's All That (1999):

  Kim's debut on the big screen was a cameo in the very succesful romantic comedy "She's All That", starring Freddie Prinze, Jr and Rachel Leigh Cook. The movie is about a teenager who bets he can turn the schoolís geekiest girl into a prom queen and then falls in love with her. Freddie Prinze, Jr. plays the teenage jock, while Rachel Leigh Cook plays the "geeky girl." (Kim plays a popular girl)

2001, NBC's DAG
2001, The Parkers (as herself).
2001, Apple Commercial (as herself).
2001, Appeared on Moesha.
2000, Cindy Margolis Show.
1999, Pamela Lee's VIP.



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