ARTIST(s): Lil Wayne
ALBUM: Tha Carter II
[Lil Wayne] + (Jamaican woman toasting in the background)
Yea Light
Mo fire yea, Weezy, mo fire yea
mo fire yea, give 'em mo fire yea
[Verse 1]
I diddy bob, my fiddy cocked, my city hot, I'm dodgin the city cops
I play 'em like pitty pat, shit, I'm kickin back, yea, these bitches is really rats
I fuck 'em and give 'em back, I really mack, yea, how real is that
you love 'em you really wack, I hustle and bend my back
my muscle is intact, my bicepts and tricepts is ah yes!
[Verse 2]
I come at you, yea, its somthin new, the color is smurf blue
I'm puffin that purple believe it if a talk it I walk it like Hershel
I get it like getters on the commercial, first two
this is verse two, it is worst to, ill murk you, like I birthed you
you niggaz small bubbles, ill burst you, then spit you out and have your
girlfriend slurp you, my jewlery earth blue, some say its earth green
I'm like whutever my shit mean and obscene
now I've been seen on a lot of different scenes
That mean I got a lot of different cream
[Verse 3]
I raise mo fire to the man up higher
I lick a shot to let him know that I'm a rider
yea, my dreads hang to let him know that I'm a lion
represent the jungle when the others just trying
I rpresent my mother like baby stop cryin
I know my pops will come but guaranteed
he'll see us shinin, now you are lookin at New Orleans finest
now you are being blinded by European diamonds
and you will see it two or three time and
Got your vision all fucked up now you can't even find me
And I ain't even hiding naw, I'm right here baby
she wanna walk with me, I'm like yea baby
Mighty man with the shotty to his head
Rockabye his ass to sleep rock it lay him down to bed
I put you in my pocket right next to the condoms homie
you ain't nothin but a profit
[Hook] - repeat variations to fade