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   » Official Site:  Cashmoney-Records.com
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Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter on September 27, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Lil Wayne is also known as Birdman J.R., Raw Tune, Weezy F. Baby, Weezy, or Dwayne Carter (using the last name of his step father). Lil Wayne has stated that his favorite rappers are Tupac, Eminem, Pimp Daddy, U.N.L.V., Big Pun and Jay-Z, and underground rapper JO$H.

Lil' Wayne was signed to Cash Money Records while attending middle school at Eleanor McMain Magnet Secondary School. However, after seeing Lil' Wayne dressed in gang affiliated colors, his mother pulled the plug on his career with Cash Money. Wayne then ran away from home with his stepfather's gun. While playing with the gun, Lil' Wayne accidentally shot himself in the chest and was taken to the hospital after almost bleeding to death. Whilst in the hospital, he let the authorities know that the gun belonged to his step father. His step father was arrested for having an unregistered handgun, then shortly after his release from jail, he was abducted, and killed. Lil' Wayne now has a large tattoo of the words "Bang Bang" on his chest to commemorate his shooting and also has "In Memory of Rabbit: It's Up To Me" tattooed on his arm, in honor of his beloved slain step father.

At the age of 11, Wayne dropped out of school to fully pursue a rap career after meeting the Cash Money owner and CEO Ronald "Slim" Brian, "Baby aka Birdman" Williams who would sign him to their recording label. In 1995 at the age of 12, Wayne made his debut with then fellow label mate B.G. on the album titled True Story.

27th September 1982:  Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1995:  Lil' Wayne made his debut on Cash Money Records at the age of 12, Wayne made his debut with then fellow label mate B.G. on the album titled True Story.

1997:  Lil' Wayne formed the group 'Hot Boys' along with fellow rappers Juvenile, Turk, and B.G., and they dropped their seminal debut CD 'Get It How You Live'. The record's success earned the young teenagers fans throughout the south and midwest.

1998:  Weezy further distinguished himself on the Hot Boys' platinum selling Universal debut 'Guerilla Warfare'.

November 1999:  At age 16, Lil' Wayne launched his solo career with the release of his debut solo album 'Tha Block Is Hot'. The Mannie Fresh produced album put Lil' Wayne on the map as a solo artist thanks to the albums hit title track.

November 1999:  Lil' Wayne topped the Billboard Top R&B;/Hip-Hop Albums chart with 'Tha Block Is Hot'.

December 1999:  Lil' Wayne's Tha Block Is Hot album was certified platinum, only a few weeks after its release.

19th December 2000:  Lil Wayne released his second solo album Lights Out with the hit single "Shine." This is the first album where Wayne uses vulgar language. On the track "Everything", he dedicates the song to his late stepfather Reginald "Rabbit" McDonald.

12th June 2001:  Lights Out album was certified Gold by the RIAA.

23rd July 2002:  Lil Wayne released his third solo album 500 Degreez with the hit single "Way Of Life." The album gets its name because it was released after Juveniles album 400 Degreez, who had left Cash Money earlier, and Wayne stated he was going to do better than Juvenile. Lil' Wayne did not, as Juvenile's album went multi-platinum Wayne's album would go on to sell 536,000 copies in the U.S. and 900,000 copies worldwide. This is Wayne's lowest album in terms of sales but is still considered to be a success by reaching Gold status with very little promotion or marketing support.

August 2002:  Lil Wayne topped the Billboard Top R&B;/Hip-Hop Albums chart with 500 Degreez.

September 2002:  500 Degreez was certified gold.

June 2004:  Lil' Wayne released Tha Carter with the hits "Go DJ," "Bring It Back," and "Earthquake." The bulk of the album was produced by Cash Money Records's former in-house producer Mannie Fresh. Tha Carter preceded Lil Wayne's work in Tha Drought mixtape and Tha Prefix mixtape, where he freestyled over The Black Album. Tha Carter peaked at number five on the 2004 Billboard 200, and at number two on the Billboard Top R&B;/Hip-Hop Albums. As of May 14, 2008 the album has sold 1,061,606 copies in the U.S. The meaning behind the album's title is from the 1991 film New Jack City, "The Carter" is the name of Nino Brown's efficient crackhouse. "Carter" is also Lil Wayne's last name.

September 2004:  Tha Carter was certified gold.

November 2004:  Lil Wayne could be heard on the Chingy LP Powerballin on the track "26's."

May 2005:  The single "Go DJ" from Lil Wayne's Tha Carter album was certified gold.

22nd September 2005:  The video for the first single from Lil' Waynes upcoming album (due in December 2005) "Fireman" is premiered on BET's "Access Granted"

December 2005:  Lil' Wayne released his fifth solo album Tha Carter II on December 6th 2005. This is the first album from the Cash Money label that does not feature any work from longtime in-house producer Mannie Fresh. Lil Wayne could also be heard on The Notorious B.I.G. LP Duets: The Final Chapter on the track "I'm With Whateva."

January 2006:  Tha Carter II was certified gold.

February 2006:  Tha Carter II was certified platinum. Lil Wayne was nominated for a Grammy Award for Rap/Sung Collaboration ("Soldier" with Destiny's Child and T.I.).

June 2006:  The single "Fireman" was certified gold.

October 2006:  Birdman and Lil Wayne released Like Father, Like Son with the hits "Stuntin' Like My Daddy," "Leather So Soft," "Know What I'm Doin," and "You Ain't Know."

November 2006:  Lil Wayne could be heard on the Fat Joe LP Me, Myself And I on the tracks "The Profit" and "Make It Rain."

December 2006:  Birdman and Lil Wayne's album Like Father, Like Son was certified gold.

January 2007:  Lil Wayne hit the Top 40 helping out Fat Joe with "Make It Rain." and also helping out Lloyd with "You."

May 2007:  The singles "Fireman" and "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" were certified platinum.

July 2007:  Lil Wayne was arrested after a performance in New York City and charged with possession of a weapon and marijuana.

November 2007:  Lil Wayne could be heard on the Jay-Z LP American Gangster on the track "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" and on the Chris Brown LP Exclusive on the track "Gimme Whatcha Got." Lil Wayne hit the Top 40 helping out Wyclef Jean, Akon, and Niaa Bertino, with "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)."

December 2007:  The single "Leather So Soft" was certified platinum. The EP The Leak was released as a digital download with the tracks "I'm Me," "Gossip," "Kush," "Love Me Or Hate Me," and "Talkin About It."

February 2008:  Weezy hit the Top 10 helping out Wyclef Jean, Akon, and Niaa Bertino, with "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)." Lil Wayne was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group ("Make It Rain" with Fat Joe).

March 2008:  Lil' Wayne could be heard on the Fat Joe LP Elephant In The Room on the track "The Crackhouse" and on the Flo Rida LP Mail On Sundays on the track "American Superstar."

April 2008:  Lil' Wayne hit the Top 40 with the single "Lollipop" taken from his upcoming LP Tha Carter III. Lil' Wayne topped the Hot Rap Tracks chart and Hot R&B;/Hip-Hop Songs chart with "Lollipop."

May 2008:  Lil Wayne topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Rhythmic Airplay chart, and Hot R&B;/Hip-Hop Airplay chart with "Lollipop." Lil Wayne hit the Top 10 with "Lollipop." Lil Wayne could be heard on the Usher LP Here I Stand on the track "Love In This Club Part II."

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