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Here are RapCentral's list of link exchanges to over quality Hip-Hop and music websites. We will only exchange links with sites recieving at least 2,000 unique hits a day, with their own domain, and sites that are 100% completed, i.e. not under construction. If you want your site link on this page then click here to find out more info.

 Artist Related
Websites based around artist(s) within hip-hop
Websites based around hip-hop hunnies
Hip-Hop Communities, Forums & Boards
 General Hip-Hop
Hip-Hop in general websites
Media content based Hip-Hop sites
Miscelaneous Hip-Hop and rap related sites
 RapCentral Picks
RapCentral's own sites and recommended rap sites
Hip-Hop clothing, bling, shopping sites
 Topsites / Banner Xchange
Hip-Hop TopSites, Banner Xchanges and Directory


  2pacWorld.co.uk  -   Our Very Own Site Dedicated To Pac
  NotoriousBIG.co.uk  -   Our Very Own Site Dedicated To Biggie
  WestsideGame.com  -   Everything For The Game, Info & Media
  Stillmatic.co.uk  -   The Only Online Source For Nas
  ChamillitaryMayne.com  -   Dedicated To Chamillionaire, with Biography, Lyrics, PSD's, Free Mixtapes, And Pics
  PapooseNYC.com  -   The Biggest Papoose Fansite, Biography, Lyrics, News, Free Mixtapes, And More
  TImuzik.com  -   Dedicated To T.I. The King Of The South, with all the Info, Media, and Lyrics you need
  BoneThugsnHarmony.co.uk  -   The Best Site For BTNH
  Shady-Unit.com  -   The Home Of Every Shady Records Artist
  YoungJeezy.co.uk  -   Your Best Site For Tha Snowman
  BTNHcentral.com  -   FanSite For Bone Thugs n Harmony
  DonMega.com  -   No. 1 Source For Westcoast Gangsta Rap
  XzibitCentral.com  -   The #1 Xzibit Source Online
  ShadyBase.com  -   All The Info on Eminem You Need!
  TupacHQ.com  -   2pac, Tupac Shakur, Makaveli Resource
  StrictlySole.com  -   The No.1 And Only Solé Source
  TheGameFans.com  -   The Best Fansite For The Game
  LazyBones.ru  -   The Official Lazy Bones Site
  2pacRadio.com  -   24/7 Of Tupac's Best Music
  TRshady.com  -   The Ultimate Shady Fansite
  AftermathGame.com  -   The Only Site You'll Need For Game
  TupacFan.net  -   The #1 Polish Source For 2pac
  DaShadySpot.com  -   All Shady Records artist are covered here
  ImmenseOnline.com  -   Official site for the new and upcoming Westcoast artist
  King-Sin.com  -   The Official 'SIN' Website, Check It Out!
  Kontempt.co.uk  -   The Official Website Of The Urban Music Emcee And Producer "KON-TEMPT"!
  BloodCypherRyme.co.uk  -   Blood, Cypher, Ryme - a hip hop collective from Nottingham, UK

RapCentral cannot be held responsible for the any of the content of the listed sites external to the RapCentral network.

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