ARTIST(s):       Ludacris feat. Pharrell
SONG TITLE:    Money Maker
ALBUM:             Release Therapy
[Chorus: Pharrell] + (Ludacris)
Shake your money maker, like somebody 'bout to pay ya
I see you on my radar, don't you act like you afraid-a sheeeeit
(You know I got it if you wanna come get it)
(Stand next to this money like AY! AY! AY!)
Shake your money maker, like somebody 'bout to pay ya
Don't worry about them haters, keep your nose up in the air
(You know I got it if you wanna come get it)
(Stand next to this money like AY! AY! AY!)
Shake, shake, shake your money maker
Like, you were shakin it for some paper
Took, your momma nine months to make ya
Might as, well shake what your momma gave ya
You, you lookin good in them jeans
I bet you'd, look even better with me in between
I keep my mind on my money, money on my mind
But youse a hell of a distraction when you shake your behind
I got J.O. up on my right side, po'n some cups
My whole hood is to my left and they ain't givin a fuck!
So feel free to get loose, and get carried away
So by tomorrow you forgot what you were sayin today
But don't forget about this feelin that I'm makin you get
And all the calories you burn, from me makin you sweat
The "mile high points" you earn when we takin my jet
And how everywhere you turn I'll be makin you wet
Cause you can
Switch, switch, switch it from right to left and
Switch it, 'til you runnin right out of breath and
Take a, break until you ready again and
You can, invite over as many friends as
you WANT to, but I really WANT you
Just be thankful that Pharrell gave you somethin to BUMP to, HEY
Luda! I'm at the top of my game
You want my hands from the bottom to the top of yo' frame
And I, just wanna take a little ride on your curves
And get erotic givin your body just what it deserves, and
Let me give you some swimmin lessons on the PENIS
Backstroke, breast stroke, stroke of a GENIUS!
Yup!! Call me the renaissance man
Get up, and I stay harder than a cinder block maaaan
Hey!! I'm just a bedroom gangster
And I been meanin to tell ya that I really must thank ya when ya
[Pharrell - whispering]
Release therapy... rock rock rock rock
Release therapy... rock rock rock rock
Rock, rock, rock it and make it work GIRL
Please, don't stop until it hurt GIRL
You, you been lookin a little tipsy
So if you could just shake it a little this way
See, I'm a member of the BBC
The original breadwinner, of D.T.P.
And you the center of attention that's distractin the squad
Cause everybody in the camp is like, "OH MY GAWD~!"
She could