ARTIST(s):        Ludacris feat. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
SONG TITLE:     Undisputed
ALBUM:             Theater Of The Mind
[Intro: Floyd Mayweather Jr.]
What's up Luda?
It's your trainer, Money Mayweather
Tell them other MC's to put their motherfuckin mics down
Cause you the truth, it's round one
Dedication, hard work, prayers and belief
And a good team {*ding ding*}
Yeah, back up on that ass (yeah)
Back to put rappers on one knee like they 'bout to run 100 meter dash
Bow down to greatness
Before I get pissed and run up in the stands like the Indiana Pacers
Covered all my bases, straight, no chasers
Diamonds on my chain look like my neck's full of glaciers
Titanic flow (what?) Titanic dough (what?)
Women on my nuts like, "Where the Titanic go?!"
I been scourin the Earth (yeah)
Makin my fans catch the holy ghost at my shows like ya grandma at church
And the fat lady's singin - it's over for you rappers
can't none of y'all bust, you're just sacs full of semen
And I got the women screamin (AHHH!)
They could catch my balls on +Any Given Sunday+ like my name's Willy Beaman
Or LL Cool - so if your boyfriend 
thinks you loyal to his ass then he's a motherfuckin fool
Got jewels on my pinky, jewels on my wrist (hey!)
Iconic status and his name is Ludacris
Bitch please! You messin with some real O.G.'s
With million dollar whips that I ship from overseas
Got a pocket full of G's - and the inconvenient truth 
is that the ozone is bad cause I been smokin all the trees
The globe is warmin up when we fire up the blunt
And put it in the air like Evil Knievel stunts
What you want from me? (what?) I got pistols for the haters
Your fam'll be in black like they was playin for the Raiders
And your music isn't favored - and DJ's they NEVER bring it back 
like when you go and borrow somethin from your neighbors
Like a cup full of sugar, a rope full of salt
The name of my car insurance is "YO' FUCKIN FAULT!"
And if you sittin on chrome - I'll call up my boys 
and have you stripped of yo' medals like Marion Jones, nigga
[Interlude: Floyd Mayweather Jr.] + (Ludacris)
Champ you got it! Keep on movin
They ain't got nothin on you, watch for the sneak dissin
These boys'll smile in your face and stab you right in the back (I know)
Bring it, take some water
This is Money in the bank! (yeah)
They defeatin themselves, champ (yeah baby)
You know what you can do (I know)
You Luda! You lookin good, let's go! (aight)
C'mon baby, hard work and dedication (yeah)
You know what it is man (aight let's go)
{*ding ding ding*} Keep fightin!
Yeah, back up on the scene (what?)
Back to put a nail in these rappers' coffins, I got the hammer in my jeans
Call me Mr. Fix It - barrel stay hotter 
than a fresh batch of homemade buttermilk biscuits
A-tisket, a-tasket, a custom-made casket
Luda leaves them trooters stretched out like gymnastics
And acrobatics I'm superstar status
The mouth of the South like +Gangsta Grillz+ you bastards!
The international traveler
And I may not be much to you but I'm the SHIT out in Africa
So put ya fist up - even the Statue of Liberty 
lit a flame for the way that I lit my wrist up
You can't compete with me - I got 'em stuck 
like I made a thousand rappers put shackles on they feet with me
And then I broke free - I'll let 'em loose 
when Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston become drug-free
I'm the baddest mother-shut-it like Shaft was
Leavin rappers with headaches like bad drugs
They shoulda warned ya - you got defeated 
by the +Heat+, but ehh, we'll just say we Alonzo Mourn'd ya
So call the coroner (hey!)
I'll show up to yo' funeral with some gators like I'm FRESH outta Florida
Call me The Swamp Thang - y'all headed in the wrong direction 
like you hit the subway and caught the wrong train
So don't fuck with it - I'm sendin lyrical bullets 
right at yo' dome, fuck niggaz better duck with it (duck wit it!)
Or else you stuck with it - you'll get +Stomped+ so bad 
you'll leave the scene thinkin eight Young Buck's did it
But not in Ca$hville - you lost yo' feelin 
like comin down off X chasin effects of yo' last pill (ha ha)
You fuckin Daffy Dill, you's a Daffy Duck (what?)
And I'm the undefeated champ, y'all niggaz suck!
[Interlude: Floyd Mayweather Jr.]
Ha ha ha ha!
I told these muh'fuckers can't fuck with you and me man
I'm the best of the best, the head honcho
The el hombre {?} man
You know what the business is, they can't fuck with me man
You know what my lifestyle is
Man you know what I do, you can't fuck with me man
What, a decade? What?
I'll go ten more, they can't fuck with me man
Lifestyle, you know what it is
Gettin money man, let's go
[Outro: Ludacris]
Yeah baby, yeahhhh!
I'm the champ! Undisputed, WHAT?
Who wants some? Ha ha ha... whoo!
I wish a muh'fucker would