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   » Official Site:  DefJam.com/ludacris
   » Related Artists:  Lil Jon, T.I., Method Man


    LUDACRIS - 'The Heart of the Game'

Title: The Heart of the Game

Cast: Darnellia Russell, Bill Resler, Devon Crosby Helms, Maude Lepley, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges

Released: June 7th, 2006

US Box Office: Unknown

Summary: A chronicle following the Roosevelt Roughriders girls' basketball team for six tumultuous seasons, capturing the passion and energy of a high school girls' competitive sport. Coach Bill Resler is a tax professor at the University of Washington, with three daughters, when he applies for the job as girls' basketball coach at Roosevelt High. Although his coaching experience is minimal, he has a philosophy that disciplined training and healthy aggression will play a key role in turning an average team into champions. Using metaphors and themes to inspire the girls each year, Coach Roesler encourages them to think and act like a "pride of lions," a "tropical storm" and a "pack of wolves"--all to communicate the mindset required of a championship team. He invents an "inner circle" that is free of parents and authority figures in which the girls can work through problems on their own. And at the start of every season, he makes them run, and run, and run--training them to outlast the competition. But when Darnellia Russell, a young African-American from a neighborhood across town, walks on the mostly-white Roosevelt court, both Russell and Relser will be changed forever. A phenomenal talent with WNBA potential, she develops into one of the very best players in the state. In her junior year, Darnellia is faced with a challenge that could put both her basketball and academic future in jeopardy. Both her teammates and her coach must decide whether or not to support her desire to continue playing, even after she's ruled ineligible by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, the state's governing sports organization.



    LUDACRIS - 'Crash'

Title: Crash

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito, William Fichtner, Ludacris

Released: May 6th, 2005

US Box Office: $55,382,847

Summary: A Brentwood housewife and her D.A. husband. A Persian store owner. Two police detectives who are also lovers. An African-American television director and his wife. A Mexican locksmith. Two car-jackers. A rookie cop. A middle-aged Korean couple. They all live in Los Angeles. And during the next 36 hours, they will all collide.



    LUDACRIS - 'Hustle & Flow'

Title: Hustle & Flow

Cast: Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning, Ludacris, Taraji Henson, D.J. Qualls

Released: July 22nd, 2005

US Box Office: $22,201,636

Summary: DJay, a streetwise Memphis hustler tries to find a voice and realize his long-buried dreams. Though DJay has always had a way with words, that gift has long been misused; this philosopher-hustler lives a dead-end life at the fringes of society. Anything more feels out of reach. Still, DJay wonders what happened to all the big dreams he had for his life. A chance encounter with an old friend, Key, a sound engineer who has always wanted to make it in the music business, spurs DJay: if he's ever going to make his mark, it has to happen now. He begins to write down his freestyle raps--his flow--and the two team up with Shelby, a church musician with a beat machine, to lay down bass-thumping crunk tracks. DJay's metamorphosis affects his entire house, as the women in his life--Shug and Nola--find ways to contribute to the creative process. With the impending visit to Memphis of hometown platinum-selling rapper Skinny Black, DJay has to make one last hustle if he's ever going to flow.



    LUDACRIS - '2 Fast 2 Furious'

Title: 2 Fast 2 Furious

Cast: Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Eva Mendes, Cole Hauser, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges

Released: June 6th, 2003

US Box Office: $127,083,765

Summary: Speed--it's easy to get and it's as close as the nearest set of high-performance wheels. Brian O'Connor, now a disgraced cop, fell victim to it--and now he's paying the price. As far as his bosses and the FBI brass are concerned, the hothead undercover officer threw one of their largest investigations ever. After losing his badge and any chance of redemption along with it, O'Connor is given one last chance when the feds in Miami need his help to collar Carter Verone, a flashy businessman whose using his import/export business as a cover for an international money laundering cartel. Cutoms has had Verone under intense surveillance for over a year with nothing more to show for it than the kingpin's link to illegal street racing. With their backs against the wall and time running out, officials put out a call for O'Connor to do what he does best--talk the talk and push the metal. But the rule-breaking loner has his own demands before taking on the job. He insists on recruiting his childhood friend and ex-con Roman Pearce as his partner. The Feds and Agent Markham offer Pearce, an accomplished criminal with an aptitude for barrier-shattering speed, a deal--work with O'Connor and his impressive rap sheet will disappear. Now, it's last chance for both, ex-con and ex-cop, and their ticket out of disgrace is bringing down Verone. But the lines become blurred once again for O'Connor with the appearance of undercover agent Monica Fuentes, the key to entering Verone's world who may herself be in bed with the shady entrepreneur.



    LUDACRIS - Paper Chasers'

Title: Paper Chasers

Cast: Chuck D, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, James Brown, Rah Digga, Jermaine Dupri

Released: 2003

U.S. Box Office: N/A

Summary: Documentary focused on the impact of hip hop entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in music, film, fashion, TV, print media, and now the Internet. The hip hop generation has embraced entrepreneurship with a passion--whether selling T-shirts at local swap meets or running multi-million dollar multimedia corporations, these paper chasers recognize that success comes to those who handle their business. For some it's about independence. For others it's about power. But always it's about the paper.



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