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Title: Venom

Cast: Agnes Bruckner, Method Man, Bijou Phillips, Jonathan Jackson, Meagan Good

Released: September 16, 2005

US Box Office: $881,745

Summary: Venomis a fright-filled voodoo thriller loaded with a sizzling cast of the screen's hottest young stars! Set deep in the eerie swamps of southern Louisiana -- Agnes Bruckner (Murder by Numbers), Jonathan Jackson (Tuck Everlasting), and Meagan Good (Roll Bounce) are among a group of teenagers trying to uncover the truth behind a friend's mysterious death. What they find is an evil force more deadly than anyone could have imagined! Now they are the ones running for their lives! Also starring Bijou Phillips (Almost Famous) and Method Man (Garden State) -- critics everywhere hailed this chilling and thrilling horror tale! RapCentral.co.uk only recommend this fil mto die hard horror fans, and die hard method man fans!




Title: Garden State

Cast: Natalie Portman, Zach Braff, Ian Holm, Peter Sarsgaard, Jean Smart. Method Man

Released: July 30th, 2004

US Box Office: $26,781,723

Summary: Andrew Largeman shuffled through life in a lithium-induced coma until his mother’s death inspired a vacation from the pills to see what might happen. A moderately successful TV actor living in Los Angeles, “Large” hasn't been home to the "Garden State" in nine years. But even with 3,000 miles between them, he's been unable to escape his domineering father Gideon and the silencing effect he’s had on his son from afar. Stunned to find himself in his hometown after such a long absence, Large finds old acquaintances around every corner living quite unique lives as gravediggers, fast food knights and the panderers of pyramid schemes. Meanwhile, at home, he does his best to avoid a long-simmering but inevitable confrontation with his father. By a twist of fate, Large meets Sam, a girl who is everything he isn’t. A blast of color, hope and quirks, Sam becomes a sidekick who refuses to ride in his sidecar. Her warmth and fearlessness give Large the courage to open his heart to the joy and pain of the infinite abyss that is life.



    SNOOP DOGG & METHOD MAN - 'Soul Plane'

Title: Soul Plane

Cast: Tom Arnold, Kevin Hart, Method Man, Calvin 'Snoop Dogg' Broadus, Sofía Vergara,

Released: May 28th, 2004

US Box Office: $13,922,211

Summary: After a humiliating and horrific experience on a commercial flight, Nashawn Wade sues and is awarded a $100 million settlement. Determined to make good with his newfound wealth he decides to create the airline of his dreams. With the help of his cousin Muggsy, Nashawn creates NWA Airlines, the first full-service carrier designed to cater to the urban traveler. A one-of-a-kind airliner, NWA’s metallic purple and chrome-colored plane comes complete with a hot onboard dance club, live DJs and funky music, its own sassy security crew, sexy flight attendants, a bathroom attendant named Johnny, and a first class section where the Cristal flows like the flightpath--non-stop. Departing on its maiden voyage out of Los Angeles, NWA flight #O-69 leaves the ground en route to New York City with a full passenger roster and Capitan Mack behind the controls in the tricked-out cockpit. The passengers include Nashawn’s furious ex-girlfriend, Giselle, as well as Elvis Hunkee, his girlfriend, Barbara, and his two kids. As the onboard party gets more outrageous, the customers get wilder, and chaos reigns throughout the aircraft, Nashawn is forced to land the plane himself and save his airline. With the help of Muggsy, his crew, and Mr. Hunkee, Nashawn brings the plane down in a climax that gives “flying the friendly skies” a whole new meaning.



    METHOD MAN - 'Scary Movie 3'

Title: Scary Movie 3

Cast: Anna Faris, Anthony Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Camryn Manheim, Method Man

Released: October 24th, 2003

US Box Office: $110,000,082

Summary: It all begins when roving reporter Cindy Campbell sets out to find a hard news story in the middle of television sweeps. She soon uncovers an outrageous onslaught of globe-threatening developments including alien invaders, killer videotapes, freaky crop circles, prophecies of The One, eerie-eyed children, ambitious white rappers and even a run-in with Michael Jackson. Faced with conspiracies of massive proportions, and a crew of very strange people following her around, Cindy must fight to stop evil from taking over the world yet again.



    METHOD MAN & REDMAN - 'How High'

Title: How High

Cast: Method Man, Redman , Obba Babatunde, Mike Epps, Anna Maria Horsford (II)

Released: December 21, 2001

US Box Office: $31,155,435

Summary: Jamal and Silas are two regular guys who smoke something magical, ace their college entrance exams and wind up at Harvard. Ivy League ways are strange but Silas and Jamal take it in stride--until their supply of supernatural smoke runs dry. That's when they have to start living by their wits and relying on their natural resources to make the grade. For fans of Red & Meth this is a must, for fans of Hip-Hop its a must, and for fans of good funny movies its a must, one of the best movies released starring Hip-Hop artists as the main roles.




Title: Black and White

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Scott Caan, Stacy Edwards, Gaby Hoffmann, Method Man

Released: April 5, 2000

US Box Office: $5,241,315

Summary: When high school hipster Charlie and her friends start hanging out with Harlem's aspiring rap artist Rich Bower and his group, the American Cream Team, each faction starts to ponder the other's true motivation. Fascinated by this collision of cultures, documentary filmmaker (and former rich girl herself) Sam Donager attempts to capture the phenomenon on camera with the help of her gay husband Terry. Meanwhile, NYPD detective Mark Clear wants revenge on his heartless ex-girlfriend Greta, who dumped him for Dean, a black star basketball player and a friend of Rich Bower. Before long, everyone wants something from someone else. As the chain of casual acquaintance comes full circle, worlds collide -- black and white, wealthy and wanting, uptown and downtown, innocent and malevolent until it becomes clear that nobody is really who he or she seems to be.




Title: Belly

Cast: Earl Simmons, Nasir Jones, Hassan Iniko Johnson, Taral Hicks, Method Man

Released: November 4, 1998

U.S. Box Office: $9,606,219

Summary: An urban thriller which tells a modern coming of age story which chronicles the lives of two childhood friends, Tommy Brown and Sincere, as they climb the rungs of organized crime. To many in his neighborhood, 17-year-old Tommy is the Ghetto president--a womanizing charismatic thug consumed by wealth and power. In stark contrast to Tommy, Sincere is a refined intellectual who, between scores, occasionally likes to read and spend time with his family. Suddenly their trust and loyalty are challenged as it becomes clear that they want different things out of life. A once genuine relationship is starting to rip at the seams and is finally put to the test on the cusp of the new millennium, New Year's Eve 1999.




Title: 187

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, John Heard, Kelly Rowan, Clifton Collins Jr, Method Man

Released: 1997

U.S. Box Office: $5,716,080

Summary: One year after being stabbed by a student, a Brooklyn high school teacher relocates to Los Angeles and returns to the classroom--his nerves frayed and his spirit shaken. He again finds himself in the same world of amorality and violence that he had hoped to leave behind. Challenged by a high school administration fearful of litigation and exposed to teachers suffering from burn-out, he becomes a transformed man and decides to take a heroic stand..




    METHOD MAN - Cop Land'

Title: Cop Land

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Method Man, Ray Liotta, Peter Berg

Released: August 15, 1997

U.S. Box Office: $44,904,450

Summary: A partially deaf New Jersery sheriff must investigate the NYPD officers he idolizes--potentially exposing the evil doings of some of New York's finest. A good film, and a good film for all of method man's fans as he puts in a nice performance too!







Title: The Great White Hype

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Goldblum, Peter Berg, Damon Wayans, Method Man

Released: 1996

U.S. Box Office: $7,829,733

Summary: Meet Reverend Fred Sultan. He's a flamboyant con man, hustler, and consummate promoter who rules over the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah better known as Las Vegas. His kingdom is the realm of the fistic arts... the sweet science... the carnival of carnage... the ballet of blood. Boxing. But despite his hustling and financial wizardry, Sultan's Vegas fiefdom is fading. Boxing attendance is dwindling, along with public interest. The problem, according to Sultan, is that people are tired of paying money to see 'brothers' beating up 'brothers'. Sultan's solution: find a white contender to face the undefeated heavyweight champ, James "The Grim Reaper" Roper. Sultan finds his Great White Hope in a seedy bar in Cleveland, Ohio. The would-be contender, Terry Conklin, is a long-haired front man for a rock band all-too-appropriately named Massive Head Wound. But Terry's got one thing going for him, besides the color of his skin: he actually bested Roper in an amateur bout many years earlier.


Best of the Source Awards Vol. 1 (2003)
Scarface: Origins of a Hip Hop Classic (2003)
Hip-Hop VIP's (2002)
Backstage (2000)
Street Dreams (1999)
Rhyme & Reason (1997)
The Show (1995)



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