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ALBUM TITLE: Hip Hop Is Dead

LABEL: Label: Def Jam / Nasir Jones Experience

RELEASED: Release Date: 19th Dec 2006

TOP TRACKS:  5. Hip Hop is Dead 12. Let There Be Light 15. Hustlers

RAPCENTRAL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars - A Superb Album Worthy Of Resurrecting Hip-Hop, A True Classic


  With more buzz than the recent Doctors Advocate, every rapper and fan has been asking the question, is hip hop really dead? There hasnt been such a wave of beef, and instability and talk about what state of mind hip hop is in. Young Jeezy,Young Buck, Jim Jones and others have claimed hip hop is alive while others such as Smoke from Field mob, Method man and other old/washed artist are yelling its dead.

   I dont want to go on about "Hip Hop is Dead" contraversy because its still going on and I dont want to forget something.

   Singles on the cd are Hip Hop is Dead produced by Will.I.Am is a flipped track of "The Thiefs Theme" which is pretty much the same exact beat. The song is the theme of the album and the eye brow raiser which was the buzz record around all the controversy that surrounded the cd. This song was vital to the life of the cd. It addresses old rappers, new rappers, beef and if it will be barried. The point of the song is pretty much stop killing hip hop. "Nas is the ghetto american idol, no matter what you do, your not getting my title".

  Ok lets talk the album now! Some hot tracks for the radio are Hustlers ft. The Game which I definatly can see being the next single. Produced by the boss Dr. Dre it was bound to spark some convo about it. This brings hip hop questions, is Dre and Game still on good terms ? Nevermind, but Play on Playa is another good track with Snoop Dog which could be fit for radio, but who really cares what hits radio anymore ? Nas definatly kills Snoop dog on this track.

   Some tracks on the cd that are appealing and stand out. I like to give recognition to good tracks that wont make the Top Tracks Section because that belongs to the official Singles which aren’t always the best. So here they follow:

Let There Be Light – this track is definatly one of those Nas songs that we can all remember next to One mic and If I rules the world. Its not radio friendly but its a beautiful track.
Black Republican - a great collaboration. This is a reason you know hip hop hasnt died because Jay Z and Nas on the same track Thats like Kobe and shaq or Tupac and Biggie. Its a decent song, not the best but some tracks you have to dig for the art in it.
Hope – Song is an acapela (meaning no beat for you people who dont know) and adresses his fire is being directed at people who kill hip hop and also talks about his album isnt a diss to dirty south, new school or old school.
Cant Forget About you & Where Are They Now - tracks for those who have come and gone, won and lost, influenced and destroyed.

Review By: ShatterPoint  

RapCentral Member Comments:

thegamesadvocate - 03/Jan/07: This album is great, its not one of those things with all those radio hits, its true rap

lostsoul89 - 03/Jan/07: nice review, its an ace album, my fave track would be let there be light - different class

Don Esco - 03/Jan/07: Nice review, this is a classic album, i never skip a song cuz they all good

HitEmUpRobbo - 20/Jan/07: im loving this album, its exactly how rap is meant to be done!!! Hip Hop aint dead after this set from Nas!

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Hip Hop Is Dead was released by Nas on December 19, 2006. The LP is Nas' eighth album of all-original material, and his first album for Def Jam Recordings. Nas' previous label, Columbia Records, co-financed the album with Def Jam. It was Nas' third album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200, selling a massive 355,880 copies in its first week alone.

Nas announced the album's title after a performance on May 18, 2006. In a late September interview with United Kingdom's "Westwood" radio show, Nas said, "Hip-hop is dead because we as artists no longer have the power." He went on to say, "Could you imagine what 50 Cent could be doing, Nas, Jay, Eminem, if we were the Jimmy Iovines. Could you imagine the power we'd have? I think that's where we're headed." He has described the album as a mixture of "street" records, "political" records and collaborations. In another interview Nas said, "...basically America is dead. There is no political voice. Music is dead. Our way of thinking is dead, our commerce is dead. Everything in this society has been done. That's where we are as a country."

The title has had a major impact in the hip hop world, especially for Southern hip hop, whose artists have been blamed for cheapening the quality of hip-hop with crunk and snap music. Southern rapper Young Jeezy had made statements against the title of Nas' album, and also furthered his comments by questioning Nas' street credibility. They have since reconciled. Many other Southern rappers such as Ludacris, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne and Big Boi have also attacked Nas' album title claiming that it is targeted at Southern hip hop. Nas also has a fair share of supporters such as New York rapper KRS-One and Ghostface Killah, another rapper who blames hip hop's death on Snap music.

Selling 355,880 copies in its first week, Hip Hop Is Dead joined It Was Written (1996 in music) and I Am... (1999 in music) as the only Nas albums to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. This was after earlier reports in the week that predicted the album to only sell around 200,000 copies. As of March 2007, the album has sold 681,554 units.

Overall, the album was received very well by critics, both rap and otherwise. You can read the RapCentral album review of Nas' Hip Hop Is Dead by clicking here



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