ARTIST(s):      Nas
SONG TITLE:   Destroy & Rebuild
ALBUM:            Stillmatic
This is a journey
into the world's most largest and notorious projects, Queensbridge
Listen while Nas saves his hood from the most cowardest rappers
He held a mass appeal and a little boy smile
Depressed has a complex his mouth was foul
You need to stay around I feel like telling some stories
First theres this arrogent fuck, his names Cory
Hung around my mans Lakey and Big Trevor
Trevor's still locked up, Lake's gettin his cheddar
Cory changed his name to ahh, whatever
Cornchip, Buckwheat look-a-like?  It's 'Mega
Right, 'Mega was his name, sorry about that
But its so hard to put a cowards name in my rap
Always actin tough, a jokester be frontin
He got snuffed, he got shot in the thigh, he did nothin
But that's Nas always looking out for breddren
Cause when breddren don't return love it don't stress him
Cause gangstas do gangsta shit, real recognize real
Still laughing to the bank and shit
Back to Cor', got him a deal but his rhymes was wack
Def Jam mad that he signed the contract
Now he got jealous and mad at my shine
Makin silly tapes, I'm always on his mind
Nonsense, not to be obnoxious kid
'Mega for the record you could suck my dick!
Bitch, you from around the way it's sad what this do to me
But Queensbridge, we gotta have unity
(Chorus x2)
They say the bridge is over, the bridge is over
Nah this is a time we destroy and rebuild it
They say, the bridge is over, the bridge is over
Nah we the strongest hood but weak niggaz kill it
So they say, the bridge is over, the bridge is over
Since we on the subject of traders and flunkies
Mega aint the only faggot in my hood dummies
Theres plenty that wanna be me but cannot
Its like King Arther and Knight Sir Lance-A-Lot
Lefty and Donnie Brasco, Gotti and Paul
Before I woulda told you Prodigy's my dog
Through the ups and downs, robberies and all
Though I always knew he wanted my downfall
He would say his little slick shit and act real funny
For what nigga you're butt and it got back to me
Asking a Braveheart to get back your jewelry
You aint from my hood, don't even rep Q.B.
Nature moved to Marcy
Man dick riding Nature, nothing else to say
Man Nature moved to Marcy
Back with ass niggaz in fear
Fuck them niggaz go head with the progam man proceed
Old lady pocketbook snatcher, car thief
Of course we aint friends, you never stood on no blocks
Streets or corners with zombies, ghouls and gangstas
Cops, drug dealers with pools of blood anger
Just fills me when niggaz let out of town to set shot
And get filthy rich, its just not
No more morals, no loyalty, no more community
Queensbridge, we gotta have unity
I put the name on the map after Marly and Shan
Q.B. before the ROC had one jam
Before the Death Row and Bad Boy beef
Had streets locked with raw talent, I laugh at the weak
So this about cleaning up house, my own backyard
Famous home of rap stars well known be getting robbed
P how many times aint you shamed that
Jungle was busting his gun to get your weak chain back
They dont respect you a checks due for me for your fame
'Mega I hope you blow so I'm sayin your name ('Mega, 'Mega)
Hoes play your position cause you'll never be king
Even Jigga want the crown - how that sound?  Poor thing
I'm representing Queensbridge U.S.A.
Where two SK's go off every day ruthless-lay
All you little roaches and rats 
Besides my man Ricky, Nas the true ruler is back
So haters say
The bridge is over my dick, Bridge'll never be over
Long as I'm alive and breathing, Braveheart to the graveyard
I'm the William Wallace of this shit
Ayo P, Prodigy I got love for you man, I love you man
You know what I'm saying, just get them unloyal niggaz
From out your circle, you can't save everybody
niggaz invited you to the hood, rep it right my nigga
Be untouchable my nigga, so it be Mobb for life for real
And thats real, ayo Nature I can't hold your hand through this shit man
I'm not your father man, be your own man, stand on your own two
I believe in you, believe in yourself nigga or dont even rep this
Ayo Mega you wanna be a gangsta?  Theres real gangsta
Shit going on in the streets man, yo niggaz is in the grind
Where you be at man?  niggaz be bucking
Why you never bucking, where you be at man?
All of a sudden you the motherfuckin Nino Brown of the fuckin hood
Its disgusting man, stay out the magazines
Keep my name out your motherfuckin mouth
Theres no more room for jealousy, we destroyin and rebuildin
That means the cowards get out and real niggaz stay
niggaz been hatin me since I been nine
Shinin with suede motherfuckin Bally's on and silks
I'ma always be the young don
Don't be like the niggaz on the other side
Hating me cause I'm beautiful, real niggaz in Queensbridge
You niggaz come up and get this money and move on baby