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Nelly Vs KRS-One
  Rap heads will remember a lot of interesting feuds that took place during 2002, but one of the most brutal was the battle between hip-hop legend KRS-One and upstart new jack Nelly. It all started when KRS-One declared he had a beef with Nelly recording the song "#1," which originally appeared on the "Training Day" soundtrack. Kris had recorded "I'm Still #1" way back in 1988, and he felt that it was the definitive use of "#1" in a hip-hop song; arguably true considering he was in rap's upper echelons for longer period of time than Nelly has been recording total and he's still one of the most influential members of hip-hop music and culture going. It's also arguable that Nelly didn't intentionally mean this as a diss - he's probably too young to have heard the original; or if he has he didn't think his song really overlapped with a rap classic two decades removed. Nevertheless sparks flew and Kris dropped a diss song called "Ova Here" produced by the Beatminerz, performing it in a concert appearance which was widely bootlegged.

  With a crashing boom-bashing beat and a relentless verbal diss the likes of which hadn't been seen since he feuded with X-Clan, KRS-One fans were ecstatic about this track. Unfortunately Kris overplayed his hand somewhat. Though he's a hip-hop legend and obviously still as good at flowing and rhyming as he ever was, his fanbase is increasingly old school heads who still remember who he was and purchase albums out of loyalty; and regrettably his "Spiritual Minded" LP of 2002 didn't win new converts because of the PERCEPTION it was too preachy and that "gospel rap" was too far away from his "Criminal Minded" rap roots. Therefore when Kris dropped the line "don't buy Nelly's album on June 25th" in the second verse, it had little to no impact. Nelly's album went multi-platinum, and Nelly even included a few pot shots at KRS-One on his "Roc the Mic (Remix)." Even die-hard fans who own all the Boogie Down Productions albums and all the KRS-One solo releases might have wondered what the point was given Nelly's overwhelming commercial popularity and widespread TV and radio exposure - as boycotts go it was a total flop and somewhat embarassing for the rap pioneer to boot.

  Kris also believed Nelly was contributing to the continual deterioration of this culture. During an interview with AllHipHop KRS-One states:

Nelly don’t know what the revolution is. And I may quote him on his album. "Fuck 40 acres and a mule, I want 40 acres and a pool." That’s on Nellyville right now. You can’t tell me I’m a hypocrite when you are disrespecting our entire race beyond music. Now, I live "spiritual minded." I get criticized for being too preachy.

  So KRS-One not only thought Nelly had released a diss trakc of his earlier classic track, but believed he was bringing down their already troubled culture! He stated in various interviews that Nelly was disrespecting women of his culture, and "Disrespect Malcolm X, disrespect Martin Luther King...the lifetime work of Marcus Garvey (reparations) wiped out on a 10 million-selling album." KRS-One said in disgust during a performance in the Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC!

  On a sweltering NYC summer day the South Bronx's self-proclaimed "teacher," KRS-One, was spewing some of his own heat in the Hammerstein Ballroom. He berated rapper Nelly, Hip-Hop's magazines such as The Source, XXL and VIBE, as well as Universal Records; entities which, according to the blastmaster, have all contributed to the continual deterioration of this culture. "He [Nelly] needs street credibility bad," KRS-One said, who wore a yellow shirt and khaki pants. "He knows it, Universal knows it and his management knows it. Battle KRS for street credibility. You know how much heart it takes to battle KRS? I respect Nelly's heart for that because I'm going to smash him against the wall like a mosquito." KRS-One continued to tarnish the St. Louis native's image, but with only the "facts." "You selling 10 million records to a large white audience. But all you going to say on this record [Nellyville] is 'f*ck 40 acres and a mule give me 40 acres and a pool,'" KRS-One said in disgust. "Disrespect Malcolm X, disrespect Martin Luther King...the lifetime work of Marcus Garvey (reparations) wiped out on a 10 million-selling album." KRS-One proceeded in ridiculing Missouri's discarded son and his antics. From calling him a "fucking idiot" to saying Funkmaster Flex and Hot 97 played themselves by letting him on air to rant KRS-One was at his "arrogant" best.

  Nelly attacked KRS-One in various songs, most notibly in the Roc Tha Mic remix featuring Rocafella artists Beanie Sigel and Freeway! In the song Nelly claims KRS-One is old, his shit is over, and by beefing with Nelly KRS-One thinks he will get a comeback shot! (see lyrics below). In other songs Nelly continues to attack KRS-One on the fact of his age and that he hasnt had a big album for a while. Nelly states "You the first old man who should get a rapper's pension, No hit since the cordless mic invention". KRS-One recorded many more diss tracks at Nelly mainly on mixtapes but with not as big effect as predecessors!

   KRS performed in Nellys hometown and got a superb reception, making it clear that most of the 'true', 'OG' HipHop fans were siding with KRS-One on this one...and Nelly was been frozen out by his hometown, due to his disrespect for his 'teachers', and his culture! This beef gradually fizzled out, not really effecting Nelly's sales, despite his new unpopularity, due to the fact most of his sales come from 'white' teenagers, and such, compared to KRS-One's strong 'OG' audience! But this could have been very ugly, due to parts such as Nelly's verse on Rocafella's 'Roc The Mic', if KRS-One wasnt his new 'cool-headed' self, he could have taken this the wrong way and started hitting out at Rocafella, Beanie Sigel, and other featuring artists!

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of Nelly and KRS-One's lyrical feud

KRS One on Nelly, "Ova Here": “Yo Nelly! You ain't Fo'Reel and you ain't Universal / Your whole style sounds like a N'Sync commercial / Ignoramus, I'm the baddest with the mic apparatus / Challengin the God of rap is madness, I'll snatch your status / With this ugly lookin Billboard you could stop them / But I got enough albums to make my own Top Ten / You limited, like the spread of traffic / You bite my style off the radio so when you speak you bet I hear the static / You better Chillout like Chuck, I kick like three Norrises / One of my sixteen bar rhymes is eight of your choruses”

Nelly on KRS, "Roc The Mic [Remix]": “Cris and the herb, make it hard to swirve / Throw your hands up; if you didn't bang your rim on the curb / You couldn't hit while you was makin a turn / I strike a nerve and old MC's wantin a comeback / I got repsect but it's lost and that's a fact / Like K - "Know" one here even said your name / R - You really feelin guilty bout somethin mayn / S - Sad to see you really just want just / One - more hit please please! / You the first old man who should get a rapper's pension / No hit since the cordless mic invention / Snitchin? Matter fact stay the fuck out the kitchen / Nelly cookin with too many dimensions!”



Nelly Vs Chingy
  In December 2004 Chingy said he was offended by comments Nelly made on his Sweat song "Another One," and now Nelly has some advice for Chingy: Don't be hurt, just take the lyrics as a word to the wise and show some respect. "I like the way you do that right thurr/ Just remember when you do that right thurr/ I made it tight to be country/ They thought country was bummy/ Till country start making money," Nelly raps on the track. But Nelly hit back at the claims that he was offending Chingy.... "I wasn't going at him. If you listen to the song, it says, 'I like the way you do that right thurr.' I could have said, 'Fuck the way you do that right thurr!' It ain't even like that," Nelly said on Friday in Los Angeles. "I'm not trying to be in it with duke like that. I just feel I paid so much respect to other people that allowed me to come do what I do, I just feel people should pay the same respect [to me] when they do what they do. Don't act like your getting on didn't have nothing to do with everything [myself and the St. Lunatics] have been able to accomplish. I took you on tour with me before." Chingy voiced his view of the verse in a few interviews and magazine articles as completely the opposite, he feels that Nelly was dissing him!

  The normally laid-back Chingy, launched attacks on his former mentor Ludacris, and fellow St. Louis rapper Nelly, in January 2005! The diss track Chingy put out came as a shock to many as he seemed to diss two of the artists he should have been closest too! Chingy was upset that people are calling him out, but this time he wasnt just talking about it, he was also rapping about it - on a dis record targeting Nelly called "We Got". In the record Chingy says, aimed at Nelly: "I heard that song, boy; it ain't another, boy," he raps, backed by his crew, the Hood Starz. "Better keep my name out your mouth, boy/ ... I been discovered, boy; that's why you hatin', boy/ ... The media hyped you, boy/ KRS crushed you, boy/ ... Put up the chains, bars and the platinum teeth, boy/ And bring the drama beef, trouble to the streets, boy/ You started it, boy/ Well, I'mma finish, boy."

  Chingy gave the reason for this diss shot in an interview saying: "I'mma run it down like this, ya dig? That record right there, that's some old material," Chingy said Thursday from St. Louis. "I done that when this all started. I'm gonna be real about it. I'm tired of these guys — I'm talking about Ludacris and Nelly — I'm tired of these guys taking shots at me in all these interviews and songs [with] subliminal shots, Business is business. I'm the one who sold 3 million records, and I'm still getting money back that [Disturbing Tha Peace] had in their possession. Ludacris knows what I'm talking about."

  Earlier in the year, Chingy left Luda's DTP crew, citing mismanagement and claiming he wasn't receiving money that was owed to him. "I ain't hiding from it no more," Chingy said. "I ain't with all this foolishness, but if you gonna make songs about me and speaking about me in these interviews, I'm not gonna hide in no shell. At the end of the day, they spitting false talk and this is real talk. I ain't got nothing too much more to say about those guys. I'm trying do my thing with my music and my company and keep things moving. I'm done with all that bullcrap. I'mma shut it down right now."

  Chingy said he was well aware that Luda and Nelly might also have some raps in store for him, and although he's noted that he's done making music about his nemeses, it doesn't mean that he's not armed with a stash of barbs. "I prepare myself for the worst," Chingy said, implying he has more ammo ready just in case. "I prepare myself for the worst. So take it as that."

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of Nelly and Chingys lyrical feud

Nelly on Chingy, "Another One": “I like the way you do that right thurr / Just remember when you do that right thurr / I made it tight to be country / They thought country was bummy / Till country start making money”

Chingy on Nelly, "We Got": “I heard that song, boy; it ain't another, boy / Better keep my name out your mouth, boy / I been discovered, boy; that's why you hatin', boy / The media hyped you, boy / KRS crushed you, boy / Put up the chains, bars and the platinum teeth, boy / And bring the drama beef, trouble to the streets, boy / You started it, boy / Well, I'mma finish, boy.!”



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