ARTIST(s):      Nelly
SONG TITLE:   Die for You
ALBUM:            Suit
[Intro - Nelly] (Nelly's daughter)
So yo, today your birthday? (Yea.. yeah!)
You sure? (Daddy!)
I don't think today your birthday (Then what you call me for?)
Oh, I don't know, I just called to see what you was doin
You sure.. what, what, what you turn today?
What you turn today, 19? (No, I'm turnin 10, Daddy)
Nah you turnin, what 32, 32, you 32 today (You have been away for a long time)
It feel like it, don't it? (Yeah)
Yeah, but I miss you though, you miss me?
(Yes, very much, I just wish you could be here) Word? (Yes)
Okay, I'll be there soon, aight? (You gon' be here tonight?!)
Naw, boo-boo, I ain't gon' be there tonight (Aww)
Whoo!  Mmm, uhh.
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, c'mon
[Chorus 2x - Nelly]
Yeahhhhhhhhhhh.. (yeah)
Don't you know I'll die for you? (die for you)
I'll lay down my life for you
I would, die for, you (die for, you)
[Nelly's daughter] I love you Daddy
I remember February 27, 1994
Tryin to make it to the hospital through three inches of snow (hey)
Somethin's goin wrong, I can tell but I don't know
I got this feelin in my gut, this ain't how it's supposed to go
Three pounds, two ounces and two months premature
I tell the incubator, is she gon' make it?  They ain't sure
Automatically I place the blame on my health
Hell, I'm her father mayne, I place the blame on myself
Was it somethin that I smoked, did I eat or did I drink it?
Or was it somethin I was doin that I did or did I think it?
Huh, watchin her breathe through her holes in her nose
What's this EKG machine?  What's this shit on her toes?
It's 94, I'm 85, so I'm spooked as can be (c'mon!)
I'm prayin and I'm askin, "Why He do this to me?"
See, I used to hold you in the palm of my hand
and just to see you pull through - shit I knew you'd pull through
March 2-2nd, 1999
The year and the date I got my lil' mind
I guess I felt how my father felt and his father felt
And his father musta felt to see hisself
It's like a lil' me in the flesh
He got my blood and my heart in his chest
Needless to say, man I love him to death
Teach him if he disrespect me I'ma love him to death
Left to go out of town right after he was born
I got a record deal, three months later Daddy was gone
It's like I'm tryin to raise him over the phone
He barely know my face when he see it but he know my tone
I'm hopin, I'm like - "Do he know who his Daddy is?"
I'm real close to sayin fuck the showbiz
But when I hurr him call his Daddy now
And when I hurr him tell his friends, "I'ma be just like my Daddy now"
Hope he forgive me for the sacrifice
So he can have a better life - than I had
[Chorus 2x]