ARTIST(s):      Nelly feat. Jaheim
SONG TITLE:   My Place
ALBUM:            Suit
[Jaheim ad-libs]
[Verse 1 - Nelly]
I used to pride myself on being the other man
But now it's flipped and I don't want you with no other man
Why can't you understand that anything I'm offering
I gave you the world, but you just wanted arguing
From the time I picked you up, until the time I dropped you off again
Even if flipped out on at the mall again
"It's all his fault again" that's what you tellin all ya friends
I ain't pointing fingers ma, I just wanna call again
See how ya day going I know they stressin on ya
I know them times get hard that's why I'm checkin on ya
It's yours truly ma, I got little message for ya
Anything he can do, girl I can do better for ya, cause
[Bridge - Nelly]
When we laugh or we cry it's together
Through the rain and the stormiest weather
We gon' still be as one it's forever
It's forever, it's forever
[Chorus - Jaheim]
Won't you come on and go with me (come and go with me)
(Oh girl) Come on over to my place (my place, my place)
Won't you sit ya self down and take a seat
And let me ease ya mind girl, we gon do it our way (our way)
[Verse 2 - Nelly]
I heard your friend tell a friend that told a friend of mine
That you was thinking that we should do it one more time
If this ain't the truth then hopefully it's not a lie
Cause I ain't got no issue with hitting that another time
We never had a problem with gettin it done
Disagreed upon a lot ma, but the sex wouldn't one
Now check it I know you get excited (still) when I come around and bite it
(Girl) quit frownin up and quit actin like you don't like it
(I like it) I know you like, (I like it)
You really like it, (I really, really like it)
(I want it), I know you want it, (adore it)
Adore it, (so come with me enjoy it)
[Chorus w/ ad-libs]
[Verse 3 - Nelly] w/ (Jaheim ad-libs)
Shawty where you been feels like a long time
Long, long time since I seen ya, yes it has girl
And I know I said some dumb things to you before
But girl you know I didn't mean it
I didn't mean one single word, I never meant one single word
If I could take back every word I would and more fa sho'
If I thought that you believe it
Hey, girl, cause you make my life so convinient for me
[Bridge w/ ad-libs]
[Chorus w/ ad-libs]