ARTIST(s):      N.W.A.
SONG TITLE:   Real Niggaz Don't Die
ALBUM:            Efil4zaggin // Greatest Hits
[opening dialogue]
Die nigga! We are born to die nigga
You've been dyin for 400 years
Niggaz know how to die
Niggaz don't know nothin else, but dyin
Niggaz dream 'bout dyin
[repeat 4X]
"I'm a motherfuckin nigga" - "with an attitude"
[Dr. Dre]
I got a case, of spittin in a motherfucker's face
So me and my ace, we got a taste
of a motherfucker's billy club, he took his gun and
put it to my head and said, "Nigga start runnin"
So tell me what's the next episode?
Is he crazy, does he want to chase me or waste me?
I thought "Run nigga run" but I caught myself
Because my secondary thought was death
I've got head and heart real, but still a motherfucker said
I want another black motherfucker dead
Niggaz ain't good for shit to me
Cause it's a race for second class, so get your ass
up against the wall bitch! And then he tried
to jump me but the punk became a victim of a walkby
Fuckin with Dre, you get a foot up in your asshole
It's just another way to let you know
Nigga send 'em, nigga send 'em, nigga send 'em
Y'all can't fuck with me! Real motherfuckin G ("You out there?")
Straight from the streets of the C.P.T. ("Well clap your hands to what he's doin")
Tellin you why, real niggaz don't die!
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
"I-iiiiiii, just want to celebrate!"
("Get on down!" - "Here it is")
[MC Ren]
Real niggaz don't die cause they eventually multiply
The niggaz I'm with, they take an eye for an eye
Because the times are so wrong, gotta stay so strong
Niggaz gotta keep it goin on and on
And don't let no paleface throw your ass in a snail race
Have your residence occupyin a jail space
That's what they want to do cause the system is fucked around
I try to let you know with the record that's underground
They don't give a fuck about a nigga, they would rather pull the trigger
and have you runnin from barrels smilin sayin "Geez!" ("You out there?")
So nigga get smart and rebel back
I'm not with that black shit so I'm not gonna yell that
All I see is niggaz getting harassed
And can't do nothin about it but get a foot in they ass, yo
But if every nigga grabbed a nine
And started shootin motherfuckers it would put 'em in line
And that's how it's supposed to be
When a pussy-ass nigga try to fuck with me
Yo, because it's useless to try
To kill a nigga cause nigga a motherfuckin real nigga don't die!
[interlude dialogue]
Die nigga, everywhere you go!
Niggaz dyin
Niggaz been dyin for 400 years
("I'm a motherfuckin nigga" - "with an attitude")
Only the good die young, so that makes me young and bad
Puttin ass-kickings on the niggaz that never had
So I guess that makes me tough shit
Straight up gangsta, wrong nigga to fuck with
So how can a nigga die, when he's causin the bloodshed
by shootin motherfuckers in the head?
Tryin to make a nigga extinct because they fear me
But never wanna hear me
So I'ma let 'em know how a nigga's livin
Takin from motherfuckers cause nobody ain't givin
a damn thang! To a nigga, a real nigga
So I'm living by the motherfuckin trigger
Cause a nigga ain't afraid of bein locked up
I'm out of luck, so why should I give a fuck?
But they still want to try
To kill a nigga like me but motherfuckin real niggaz don't die!
[Chorus] - 2X
[over Chorus]
A real nigga don't die!
Yeahhhh, motherfuckers!
("Die, nigga!")