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   » Official Site:  1NationEntertainment.net
   » Related Artists:  Tupac / Makaveli, Biggie Smalls
       P. Diddy, Bone Thugs, Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg


  The Outlawz, were a rap group that rapper Tupac Shakur (2Pac / Makaveli) founded in late 1995 after his release from prison for sexual abuse. Tupac said that the fuure members 'Fatal' and 'Kadafi' were the only friends that came to visit him while serving his time in Rikers Island Penitentiary. 8 months later Suge Knight payed $1.4 million to get Tupac released and then the Outlawz were formed with the members Kadafi, Fatal, Kastro, Napoleon, Mussolini, E.D.I and Mopreme.

   The idea behind each of the members aliases was that each alias referenced a dictator who was an enemy to America. However, Tupac famously took on the name of "Makaveli" after the Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli for the group's recordings.

   The main lineup consisted of his cousin Yafeu Fula, aka "Yaki Kadafi", who was named after Moammar al-Qadhafi, who is a Libyan army officer and head of state who led the 1969 army coup that desposed of King Idris I. In 1986 Qaddafi survived a U.S. air raid launched in response to Libya's support of Terrorism, but several of his children were hurt or killed. The next member "E.D.I. Mean" was named after Ugandian President Idi Amin who was the president of Uganda from 1971-79, he instituted a harsh and brutal regime and expelled Uganda's Asian population. He was driven into exile in 1979. E.D.I. was the first member of The Outlawz as he had previously worked with Tupac along with his own group "Dramacydal". "Napoleon" was named after Napoleon Bonaparte, "Hussein Fatal" was another of Tupac's cousins. Although he wasn't officially signed with the Outlawz he was considered one. He was named after after Saddam Hussein the Iraqi political leader who is now on trial for international crimes such as genecide and other terrible crimes. Another member, "Kastro", was also Tupac's cousin, first featured on the track 'When We Ride' from the All Eyez On Me release. "Kastro" took his alias from Fidel Castro, Cuban revolutionary and political leader, and President of Cuba. Big Syke was another member who took on the alias of "Mussolini", after Benito Mussolini [1883-1945] the Italian Fascist leader and dictator. The next member was Tupac's half-brother, known previously as Mopreme until he took the alias of "Komani" in the group, after Ruhollah Khomeini an Iranian religious leader. And last but not least is member Young Noble, who was the last member to join the group in 1996, and featured on the track 'Hail Mary' from the Makaveli - 7 Day Theory album, he was yet to take up an alias and has never done so since Tupac's death in the same year!

   The Outlawz are probably best known for appearing in the video for, and rapping on, The Notorious B.I.G., Bad Boy Records, Lil' Kim, Mobb Deep, etc. diss track "Hit Em Up". The track was a scathing attack on many rappers and immediately through the group, and Tupac into the media and spotlight once more!

   The earliest incarnation of The Outlawz, Dramacydal, first appeared on 2Pac's 1995 Me Against the World on the title track and "Outlaw". When he signed to Death Row upon his release from prison, Shakur recruited his step brother Mopreme Shakur, formerly known as the rapper "Wycked" (and had actually proceeded Dramacydal by two years, on the 1993 single "Papaz Song" as well as being a member of Shakur's recently disbanded "Thug Life" rap group) and Big Syke, also a former member of Thug Life. Together they formed the original lineup, which debuted on 2Pac's multi-platinum album All Eyez On Me, on the song "When We Ride". Other times members of Tha Outlawz appear on the record, they are still credited as "Dramacydal".

   Mopreme and Big Syke soon severed all ties with Death Row and left the group for financial reasons. Other unofficial members of Tha Outlawz included Storm (aka "The Female Outlaw"), and another ex-Thug Life member, Macadochis. Following Tupac and Kadafi's death, The Outlawz continued to record, and even recruited some new members.

   In 1999, they released the best of their unreleased songs with 2pac, entitled Still I Rise. For a while, they had a dispute over money with Death Row Records, but that blew over and today they are still close with Suge Knight.

   They have also released four "solo" albums without 2pac and Death Row, 2000's "Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us," and 2002's "Novakane," which did actually feature one unreleased Pac song "Worldwide". Other albums include "Outlaw Warriorz," which was a close colloboration with DJ Warrior, and "Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P." They also continue to record new raps for 2Pac unreleased albums and worked closely with Eminem for the soundtrack to the movie Tupac: Resurrection, and also 2Pac's 'Loyal To The Game' album, which was released in the US on December 14th 2004 (December 12th in the UK)

   On February 7, 2006, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Young Noble of The Outlawz joined together to release their album, Thug Brothers, a collaborate years in the making, released by Real Talk Entertainment. The two groups first began collaborating in 2003 with several mixtape tracks including Sound Off, We Runnin' 'Em, Ball Cautiously, Way Too Many & Complicated. The album features production from former Tupac producer Mike Mosley (Ain't Hard 2 Find, & Heavy In The Game).



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