ARTIST(s):      Outlawz
SONG TITLE:   Good Bye
ALBUM:            Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us
We live in a world 
Where a man is judged by the color of his skin 
We can't win 
Not the content of his character 
They scared of you 
22 million black in America 
You better stand your area 
75 percent population of the prison system 
Niggas listen 
Niggas listen 
Niggas listen 
Outlawz on a mission 
Verse 1: Napoleon 
So more gun shots 
By some young niggas 
And now the media consider y'all some dumb niggas 
And where you at 
I done came from that 
So I know what's on your mind when you're cocking your nine back 
Busting your bullets at them niggas on the corner 
And you  aim 7 5   till your victim is a goner 
But it's more than life 
And I don't blame you 
Matter of fact I blame your parents for the shit you gonna do 
There's a lot of niggas under ten getting shot by the nine 
8 of them died and left 7 of them crying 
For the 5th and 6th time 
I'm trying to tell you dog 
You done pulled through 
Nigga I know that's where he are 
And the third second and first is when the welfare kicks in 
We joined by nothing 
'Cause your  ??? 
Buying crack 
Go for drugs again 
And it make you want to go and bust your gat again 
But if you got a problem grab a pen 
Write a letter 
And send it to the Outlawz 
We'll try to make it better 
My young soldier 
You ain't no dumb soldier 
Keep your mind on your dream 
And you a pro soldier 
Verse 2: Young noble 
Hey yo 
I spit, rip for Pac and Yak 
I love y'all both 
That's why I rap with a grudge and keep my enemies close 
Memories float 
Nothing else to do but smoke 
Now I'm numb with a lump in my throat 
I'm scoffed up 
Constipated with pain 
Hating the rain 
We all get wet 
And pretty much when you close to death 
I think you live by the gun 
You die by the judge 
And if my girl have a son 
I'ma raise him better than I was 
A little time does justice to the heart 
You should ask your little boy why he rushing to the park 
Everyday after school 
You wonder why he love there? 
They got guns drugs and plenty of thugs there 
No care 
That's why I speak on shit 
To you parents out there 
Don't sleep on shit 
Raise your kids 
Come on you made the kids 
We got kids killing kids 
Doing major bids 
I never really got a chance to say good-bye 
I hope you're thankful you lived your life 
And nothing  keeps that before your eyes 
I never really got a chance to say good-bye 
And even though you're gone 
You're always on my mind 
I never really got a chance to say goodbye 
Verse 3: Edi 
To all my youngsters out there 
Trying to burn something 
Will you pay attention a minute 
You might learn something 
'Cause look 
All they want to do is lock you up and make some dough off you 
And when your ass finally die 
They'll find a hole for you 
I know it ain't no love 
It seem cold to you 
But yous a soldier 
Got to keep your goals close to you 
'Cause 25 with an L ain't closer junior 
Now in society 
You're labeled as a loser junior 
2 times at that 
So close to your 3rd 
Only 22 now what the fuck you gonna do 
Convicted felons 
They don't get no work 
We all know that 
Now you forced to draw back 
You seen the cycle 
They don't call it the system for nothing 
Systematic ways to get you to your grave 
But you heard it before 
You ain't gonna listen to Edi 
You gonna have to go through it 
But please believe me 
Ain't no glory in pain 
A soldier story in vain 
You niggas gobbled by the game 
Aint no glory in pain 
A soldier story in vain 
You niggas gobbled up by the mutha fuckin game 
Verse 4: Kastro 
It's a long long dark road out of hell 
I've been there 
I can tell you the story well 
Most don't make it 
10 out of 12 
And the 2 left fighting themselves 
We sit in desperate need 
Searching for a cure 
Us youngsters indeed 
We deserve much more 
It's war 
'Cause we don't get along with each other 
God damn 
We need to get it together 
For real 
Verse 5:  Napoleon 
I got 50 shots for every ??? 
These pigs is more crooked than some snakes on my block 
They gave him a choice 
He had to ride or die 
Since bullets don't die 
Oz can you tell me how he died 
Stay ahead of your game 
Young star 
Grow eyes 
Stay away from them haters 
Also 1 time 
I respect the game 
I'm real serious with mine 
It's like they lost 
Playing on furious with mine 
[Edi talking]
So serious 
You know 
It's all about will and how strong you are 
If you can stand it 
Stand the pressure and stay strong youngsters 
Move up