ARTIST(s):      Outlawz
ALBUM:            Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us
Verse 1: Young noble 
I don't want no open caskets 
Don't be crying to me 
I don't want nobody standing there lying to me 
Talking about if you was there you would've died for me 
Took 5 for me 
Shoot blind for me 
Save the pipe dreams dog 
I'm gonna be aiight 
And even if I die tomorrow 
I'm gonna be aiight 
The only time I see my family 
When a relative die 
When you gone 
No pain 
Is it better to die 
Baby girl think I'm shy 
But I'm crying inside 
No tears in the jungle 
I'm a lion inside 
Nigga don't cry 
Like I said on the song 
God forbid I die early 
Please accept that I'm gone 
I lived mine 
Accomplished a lot in my time 
I sold mils for Pac 
Still I Rise 
You sympathize 
But I don't need it all 
But while we hearing breathing 
With the love that y'all 
We Outlawz 
Chorus 2x : Edi 
Some day 
One day we gotta go 
When and where 
Whom and why 
Nobody knows 
But when that day comes 
I'm ready to roll 
'Cause they won't roll when I go 
Verse 2: Edi 
Shit aint right 
Yo it just aint adding up 
My closest is gone 
I'm mad as fuck 
I'm more hurt than anything 
Not knowing what to do 
Completely wrapped up in confusion 
No clues 
Trusting other niggas thinkin shit is all gravy 
Mind unfocused 
'Cause I'm smoking daily 
Rolling with big ass body guards 
No guns 
Supposed to be protecting your ass 
He having fun 
Man fuck a vest 
My nigga did with one on 
Too much of a shock to my brain 
I could not mourn 
Do not shed a tear 
Close my eyes 
Said a prayer 
Hoping the lord let him in when he got there 
Still ride for Pac and Yak 
Seike too 
Still fucking the world 
You know how Edi do 
But I'm still crippled by the pain 
Still feel like I'm to blame 
Still wanna go insane everytime I here your name man 
Chorus 2x 
Verse 3:  Kastro 
They say blood's thicker than water 
And I say love is thicker than blood 
Who's wrong 
And what's love 
With no honor and trust 
So I'd rather not bother 
Nothing much to discus 
These cards 
Dealt by God 
To my table 
Ain't the best 
And pretty much unstable 
And I don't know 
My friend from my foe 
So I move fast 
Think about shit slow 
Rightfully so 
I got my gun 
And walk through the slums 
Bubbling like gum 
Wide open 
I think I need more Motrin 
These streets is hot 
Man these bitches is smoking 
And everybody for out for self out here 
Man ain't no love left out here 
Just blood in my eye 
I can't even cry 
I wonder why 
So I don't even try 
Chorus  4x