ARTIST(s):      Outlawz
ALBUM:            Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us
Yo yo 
What up 
One luv 
One thug 
Know what y'all mutha fuckas need? 
What we need nigga? 
Know what America need? 
What do America need? 
A Outlaw as a president 
Yeah, you might be right 
What you want nigga? 
That's exactly what y'all need 
You might be fuckin' right guy 
Chorus 2x: Phats Bossilini 
What a nigga want? 
Mo' cash and mo' bitches 
What a nigga need? 
No foes and no snitches 
How a nigga live? 
High speed on the grind 
And how a nigga die? 
Getting shot by my nine 
Verse 1: Young Noble 
Hey yo 
Who wanna fuck? 
Who in the truck? 
Who in a rush? 
Who in the cuffs? 
Nigga, who fucking with us? 
Who on the block? 
Who was a fiend? 
Who was a cop? 
Who was on my team? 
Nigga, and who was not? 
Who was a snitch? 
Who was a bitch? 
Who in the bricks? 
Who the fuck ain't feeling this? 
Say what? 
Who on my hills? 
Who the fuck dumping the pills? 
Who the fuck ain't never been down the hill? 
Who was the boss? 
Who the fuck kicked it off? 
Can you tell me? 
Who the wrong nigga to cross? 
Who was the rat? 
Who had the gat? 
Who had your back? 
Who had the last laugh when the bastard cracked? 
Who was the joke? 
Who was the hope? 
I wonder who croak? 
Who the fuck did the shooting? 
Who the fuck I smoke? 
Who was the raw? 
Who was the law? 
Who was the dog? 
Who the fuck going out win, lose, or draw? 
Chorus: 2x 
Verse 2:  Akwylah
Who wanna dump? 
Who wanna play with the pump? 
Who wanna piece of this real life? 
Say what you want 
Who wanna go shot for shot? 
Not for not 
Top for top 
Slanging rock for rock 
Who want it nigga? 
Who want to face the truth? 
Who wanna see what this big ass thing can do? 
Bang to few 
Who be the man of the hour? 
Spit hot shit 
Known to fuck bad power 
Who be all in your guts? 
Fucking you up like pure 'caine 
Right for his cut 
Who's the one? 
Too quick to use a gun 
Losing none 
This thug shit abuse your son 
Who was the cat? 
Who stay dressed in black? 
Who wanna gamble with a gambler? 
Tick for tack 
Who act like shit is weak? 
Who wanna bang with the boss? 
Then hold your heat 
Chorus: 2x 
Verse 3: Young Noble 
Hey yo 
I was the birth 
I was the turf 
I was the curse 
I was the mutha fucka ready to put in work 
I was the bread 
I was the dead 
I was the lead 
I was the nigga that made you eat everything you said 
You was the snake 
You was the hate 
You was the fake 
You was the nigga trying to take food off my plate 
You was the hater 
You was the traitor 
You was the mutha fucka that stepped off and never came back later 
Verse 4:  Akwylah 
You was my man 
The intro 
Get part of the plan 
Splitting the grams 
Breaking down pounds and grams 
You was the light 
I was the crack and pipe 
I was the high 
You was the lord my life 
You was my faith 
To whom I pray day to day 
I was the way for you to face the pearly gates 
I was the one who swore that a bitch was a bitch 
A switch was a switch 
And a hit was a hit 
Chorus: 2x