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   » Official Site:  DiddyOnline.com, BadBoyOnline.com    » Related Artists:  Tupac / 2Pac, Biggie, Outlawz


    P DIDDY - 'Carlito's Way: Rise To Power'

Title: Carlito's Way: Rise To Power

Cast: Jay Hernandez, Luis Guzman, Burt Young, Jaclyn DeSantis, Mario Van Peebles, Sean 'Diddy' Combs

Released: September 30th, 2005

US Box Office: $unknown

Summary: Seduced by the power of the brutal New York underworld, Carlos Brigante enters a deadly circle of greed and retribution. Assisted by his two brothers-in-crime, Carlito is on the fast track to becoming Spanish Harlem's ultimate kingpin. He quickly learns, however, that the only way to survive at the top is through loyalty to his friends and respect for the rules of the street.



    P DIDDY FILMOGRAPHY: 'Monsters Ball'

Title: Monster's Ball

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry, Peter Boyle, Heath Ledger, Sean 'Diddy' Combs

Released: December 26, 2001

US Box Office: $31,252,964

Summary: Hank, an embittered prison guard, lives with his aging racist father, Buck, and his own twentysomething son, Sonny. Hank and Sonny work for the local prison where they are preparing the electric chair for a black inmate. After the man is executed, Hank falls in love with Leticia, the inmate's widow. This emotionally-charged affair forces Hank to re-evaluate how deeply prison work and his father's infectious hatred have affected his soul.



    P DIDDY FILMOGRAPHY: 'Backstage'

Title: Backstage

Cast: Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter, Earl Simmons, Method Man, Redman, Jeffrey Atkins, P Diddy

Released: September 8, 2000

US Box Office: $1,184,727

Summary: Unrehearsed and uncensored, a look at Jay-Z's 1999 "Hard Knock Life" tour, featuring hip-hop music, behind the scenes footage and a definite inside look at one of the biggest rap concerts of all time, complete with on-stage performances.





    P DIDDY FILMOGRAPHY: 'Rhyme & Reason'

Title: Rhyme & Reason

Cast: Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Method Man, Puff Daddy, Wyclef

Released: 1997

US Box Office: $1,591,687

Summary: Hip-Hop is a way of life. It is an urban history of the struggle for freedom and dignity and against poverty and crime. It is a slang and a style, an attitude and a dream. It is a code of ethics that saves lives and changes minds. And most of all it is an expression -- raw and real -- of what is happening on the streets where the whole explosive culture was born. It touches nerves across all racial, economic and sexual lines. It addresses issues of love and crime, family and hope, drugs and the next generation -- all of which are both specific to life on urban streets and universal to all human beings. Three years in the making, "Rhyme & Reason" is a moving snap-shot of the state of contemporary Hip-Hop and the state of contemporary urban life.


    P DIDDY FILMOGRAPHY: 'Strictly Business'

Title: Strictly Business

Cast: Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, Halle Berry, David Marshall Grant, Puff Daddy

Released: 1991

US Box Office: $7,367,117

Summary: One day, an engaged real estate broker who has everything sees a girl whom he believes can make his life perfect, but his wild pursuit jeopardizes everything he's created for himself.



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