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RapCentral.co.uk and our sister sites get millions of hits every month, but when the 1st site was launched we were happy with 100 hits a day! I started my first site under the alias of HitEmUpRobbo, the first site was '2pacWorld' back in early 2003, after seeing that there was only one decent 2pac fansite, hitemup.com which was updated once every blue moon, never! And all the other half decent 2pac sites just had the same content and info that every other site had, who wants that? I thought that I could represent Tupac better than the others, so I launched 2pacWorld by setting up a small website and see what happened. The feedback that I was recieving from this basic site was very encouraging, so i decided to learn 'html', a web scripting language and image design, and so on, to improve my site both visually and functionally!

  A few months later the site was looking much better and was now getting hundreds unique visitors a day, which is very little to what we get now, but was excellent for a small site with no promotion, so I deciced to purchase the domain name www.2pacworld.co.uk. The site was added to a few search engines and moved to a hosting server of my own to cope with the high demand of my site and media files. This allowed me to offer more downloads and a better looking site. 2pacWorld.co.uk is now easily the world's biggest source for 2pac Information, and media, and is affiliated with Amaru Records for the latest news on Tupac, and downloads. The site is regularly updated and new content is added wherever and whenver needed!

  2pacWorld was now recieving thoudands of unique hits a day, and hundreds of returning visitors every day. The site was revamped around 3 times in one year, revamped again in 2004, and in 2005 it was given the design you see today! Because of 2pacWorld.co.uk's success I decided to start a toplist in 2004, called 'ThugLife 100', for other hip-hop websites t ojoin and promote their site for free through. Once again the site was a success. Because of 2pacWorld's respect within the online Hip Hop community I could ask many other well respected sites to join my toplist, and sure enough others followed suit! ThugLife 100 is now one of the biggest, if not the biggest TopList in HipHop for outgoing hits to our members sites and has now been moved to my own server to increase its uptime, and reliability to my member sites, by affiliating it with RapCentral!

  At this point we wanted to branch out again after success with both my ventures so far. So i decided to start a site called RapCentral, which unlike any other site, would offer ALL INFO for every major rapper in the game, past, deceased, and present, offering bio's, discographys, free downloads, news, lyrics, pics, beefs info, everything you can think off! Once again because of the unique info and media we had for offer the site was very successful within its trial so i decided to take the venture on and bought the domain www.rapcentral.co.uk. The site is still in developement after 15 months of adding info and media, we are nowhere near finished, with many more new rappers to cover, and we want every single scrap of info for them on the site! The site is now recieving around 30,000 hits per day and this figure rises steadily every month. We have now launched a forum, which has wiped every other hip hop forum off the map, and now has thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of posts, in its first year.

  Upto now we have now got around 10 MAJOR hip-hop sites in our RapCentral network, all owned, maintained and run by us, we are one of the worlds biggest independant sources for Hip-Hop info and media all in one network, with artist dedicated sites, media dedicated sites, and RapCentral which has everything!

   2pacWorld will continue to be the best and most unique non profit site for 2pac in the world, so keep checkin us, and holla at us if you think we are doing something wrong, or have any new info we dont! Even if other sites are to big to consider its viewers, we will always respect your views, so holla at your boy, by contacting me if you want anything.

HitEmUpRobbo, Your Ear To Tha Streetz!

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