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  Since entering the world of HipHop and taking it by storm, Snoop has been expected to encounter some beefs whilst on his dangerous path to fame and riches within this rap game, and lets face it, beef sells records. Normally, dogs chase after beef, but in the case of this Dogg, beef has been chasing him since day one, whether it's the East Coast-West Coast rivalry or his departure from the Death Row label, due to problems with Suge Knight. So I expect to have to update this and most artists BEEFS pages regularly. Other less known artists, or struggling artists will see that beefing with Snoop, and his crew, can be profitable for them, as it gets their name in his raps, on TV, and so on. So stay tuned cos some more beef is due to be served soon no doubt!

Snoop Vs Suge Knight/Deathrow Rec's.
    The beef between Snoop Dogg and Marion 'Suge' Knight elevated around the time of Snoop's departure from Deathrow records, although it is known that Snoop and Suge were not the best of friends during most of Snoop's time at tha row.

  In 2002 the beef escaladed to new heights with Snoop badmouthing his former CEO, tension was already built up from the events of 2001 including the Death Row camp going after Tha Eastsidaz at The Source Awards, the Jayo Felony encouraged brawl with Snoop on the set of John Singleton's "Baby Boy," and the pressing of a personal letter Snoop wrote to Suge in Death Row's "Too Gangsta For Radio" compilation along with various diss tracks. But im guna skip tha early beef and go on from 2002 whereshit gets intresting, Snoop told the cops on a local Fox affiliate in Los Angeles that Suge Knight was involved with the murder of Tupac Shakur. Knight took the audio from the news telecast and put it as a skit on Tha Dogg Pound's "2002" release and DPG member Big C Style dissed Snoop calling him a "snitch" on the track. The opening seconds of the track in quetion "Living Tha Gangsta Life," which features a cameo from Xzibit, includes a newscaster reporting that Snoop Dogg told police that Suge Knight killed Tupac. Then rapper Big C Style comes in and admonishes snitches aimed solely at Snoop riducling him as a snitch, which in rap, is a tag you dont need or want! See "Tale Of The Mixtapes" section below to read lyrics form both Suge and Snoop and their affiliated rappers on tracks dissing each other.

  After all the drama with the news telecast, the West Coast held a Hip Hop Summit in which Suge Knight, argueably the most powerful black CEO of all time, got several rappers, including Tray Deee & The D.O.C. to agree with him in the accusal of distributors cheating artists out of their money. Suge Knight then called out Dre and Snoop publically at the summit for not showing up to the event accusing them of showing no support for the West Coast.

  Earlier on in 2002 in Vegas, Snoop Doggy Dogg was promoting his brand new Doggystyle label's roster and new affiliation with MCA/Sony distribution when Suge Knight rolled up with his artists Crooked I, Eastwood, Boo Ya Tribe, and several others and watched Snoop Dogg scamper out of his own personal promotional rally. Crooked I laughed about the incident and described it as Snoop running a marathon in Vegas.

  The beef elevated once again as Suge Knight announced the news to the entire world on Hot 97 in New York that Kurupt had signed once again to Death Row/Tha Row Records. While Suge flew to New York, Snoop took shots at Suge through the press and also at his former friend Kurupt. Daz Dillinger also stepped in to diss Kurupt yet Daz had been with the label until April of 2000 and Kurupt had always supported him. With all the havoc that went down, the DPG became heavily seperated after the signing.

  BET then held it's annual award show. Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight exchanged words face to face and for a moment the whole world thought they were going to see what looked like a possible brawl. After security stepped in, Suge was told to go sit next to Ja Rule. Suge Knight went on to state that Snoop had a whole entourage of "rent-a-crips" and he backed down to him when he was by himself.

  Later on another event occurred. DPG associate Bad Azz, who has stated his beef through magazines and other publications, as well as his failing lawsuits, towards Death Row owner Suge Knight, came in confrontation with Tha Row once again. This time it was in Vegas and Row producers got into a confrontation with Bad Azz and beat him down repeatedly.

  Suge Knight's business partners went on to diss Snoop Dogg and DMX on the track "The Pledge Remix." The shoutout to Suge was taken off on the "Irv Gotti Presents...The Remixes" album because artists like Mary J Blige, and Tony Braxton didn't want consumers to think they were involved in the beef. On Ja Rule's latest solo album, "The Last Temptation," the shoutout to Suge is on the track and even after an apparant compromise from Murder Inc. with Snoop Dogg, it's apparant Murder Inc. and Tha Row have biter feelings towards Aftermath and Doggystyle.

  Snoop Dogg then decided that it was time to record a cut titled "Pimp Slappd" for his upcoming album. The cut started circulating on mix tapes. The track directly calls out Suge Knight and claims that his artists are just crumbs off of Snoop's plate. Snoop also disses his former boss on the insert calling him his "number one fan." Suge Knight will receive a percentage of the album's profits as part of the contract settlement when Snoop parted from the label back in 1998. To read lyrics from this suge diss track, see the "Tale Of The Mixtapes" section below. Snoop faced a lawsuit from a man known as "Jim Bob" over the unapproved use of his voice in the Suge diss song, "Pimp Slapped." The diss track "Pimp Slapped", the final track off Snoop's 2002 album "Paid the Cost..." features a clip taken from a voicemail message left on Snoop's answering machine from Jim Bob wherein he vows his support for Snoop in his feud with Suge Knight. The message reads as below:

  "Ay, Snoop whats up dog? This Big Jim Bob from Cappinella Park homey...expose that big ol' fake ass nigga Simon man. That nigga ain't never been on these streets man. I met that nigga in 90 man. That nigga popped up. I don't know where that nigga came from..."

  Jim Bob was seeking injunctive relief asking that the voice message be removed from all albums and singles that are currently on sale and on any future pressings of the album and songs. Which was to no avail.

  Court papers read that the "plaintiff (Big Jim Bob) now fears for his life and that of his elderly mother, because it appears that he, as a Compton resident (where a rival of [Snoop Dogg], Suge Knight, apparently has a lot of 'pull' and is feared), is supporting [Snoop] in the turf war. Mr. Knight, a burly, convicted felon, is rumored to be involved with gangs, to threaten, assault and hurt people."

  Priority Records and Doggystyle Records were also named in the suit but neither gave comment at press time. Crooked I has composed at least 2 tracks dissing Snoop. It will be up to the CEO Marion "Suge" Knight whether or not any of his diss tracks will hit the shelves when his solo album drops.

  In an interview with VH1.com on August 22nd 2002, Snoop was asked by the interviewer what tips he pulled from rap moguls Suge and Master P, in starting his own label. Aimed at Suge Knight snoop declares:

  "From Master P I learned what to do. From Suge I learned what not to do. Suge Knight was a crook. He just took, took, took, took. He took publishing. He took heart and he took soul. He didn’t give nothing back. Master P showed me how to love, how to be considerate, how to give a chance to people who maybe didn’t have all the talent or the charisma that they deserved to have. It’s important to believe in them and give them a shot. So Suge Knight, thank you for fucking up the game. And Master P, thank you for creating the new game."

  In 2003 the beef started to tame down between the two, however in late 2003 it emerged that rap mogul Suge was sued by the mother of rapper Snoop Dogg and the wife of rapper Daz Dillinger for allegedly slandering them in a song he produced, court records showed.

  Maria Watkins (daz's wife) and Beverly Green(Snoop's mom), filed the lawsuit in Superior Court. The defendants claim the song "Tha Row" from the soundtrack of the film, "Dysfunktional Family," contains graphic lyrics saying Knight was sleeping with Maria Watkins, the wife of rapper Delmar "Daz" Dillinger Arnaud. The lyrics said Knight fathered her unborn child, a claim which resulted in Arnaud divorcing his wife and insisting on a paternity test, according to the lawsuit.

  The lyrics also said Knight was sleeping with Green, a Baptist minister and mother of Snoop Dogg and aunt to Arnaud. Watkins and Green claim Knight was retaliating against them after Arnaud sued Knight in civil court.

  "These plaintiffs are totally innocent victims being tormented as a means to force Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg to suffer personal anguish and to take retaliatory action," the lawsuit reads. "This is the same type of feud that led to the Tupac Shakur and Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace's death."

  The lawsuit also named as defendants, Knight's record label, Tha Row, music publisher Warner/Chappel Music, Inc., Miramax Films and the songwriters, among others.

  The women seeked damages for slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress and a temporary restraining order against the defendants, claiming that agents of Knight have threatened them over the telephone.

  Knight, the co-founder of the pioneering rap label Death Row Records, was at the time serving a 10-month prison sentence for violating his parole and striking a Hollywood nightclub valet.

TALE OF THE SLAYS: An oral history of Snoop and DeathRow's lyrical feud

Snoop "DeathRow Is Bitches": “Death Row is bitches / Wanna be gangstas / Them niggaz just snitches / Whole hood blowin up / Nigga dissrespect me / Nigga u cant check me / I aint your lil homie / I'm the double o g / I come twice as nice as knight got trial / I got dick for you and your mutha fuckin wife / Miss Knight / My life aint worth losin / While ridin shotgun young dumb crusin' snoozin'/ Niggaz put my nigga 2Pac in the mix / Had him fuckin with some real OG shit / That nigga didnt know what he was gettin into / Had him caught up in the middle while you fuckin with his revenues ”
Read "Deathrow Is Bitches" Lyrics In Full>>>

Snoop "Pimp Slappd": “If I shoot you, I'll be brainless, and you'll be famous / And I'll be spending money out the anus / Your only gain is to try to get me to fall down to your level / Man you worser than devils / Alotta niggas should've said it, fuck em / But Ima say it for em, stop it, pop it, rewind and play it for em / This nigga's a bitch like his wife / Suge Knight's a bitch, and that's on my life / And I'ma let the whole world see / Cos you fucked up the industry, and that's on me / We can go head up, nigga, set it up / Or we can do the other thing, I love to wet it up / Your rappers and artists, tell em, shut it up / Cos I'll fuck every last one of em up, especially Kurupt / See that's my lil homeboy, so he knows what's up ”
Read "Pimp Slappd" Lyrics In Full>>>

Suge produced track "Living Tha Gangsta Life": “[Man talking]
He repeats an alleged conversation / Between Snoop and an unnamed L.A. sheriff's lieutenant / Officer: I think I know who killed Tupac / Snoop: I do too, the guy who was seated next to him / Officer: You mean, Suge Knight? / Snoop: Yes /
[Daz Dillinger]
Awww shit! / How the fuck can you niggas be on TV live / On channel 13 but call yourself a gangster? / Nigga, ya better stop doin all that dry snitchin / When you know it ain't real, 'fore somebody come getchu / This Big C style, Dogg Pound gangster for life“

Read "Living Tha Gangsta Life" Lyrics In Full>>>



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