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1. Intro Lyrics
2. LAX Files Lyrics
3. State Of Emergency Lyrics
4. Bulletproof Diaries Lyrics
5. My Life Lyrics
6. Money Lyrics
7. Cali Sunshine Lyrics
8. Ya Heard Lyrics
9. Hard Liquor (Interlude)
10. House Of Pain Lyrics
11. Gentlemanís Affair Lyrics
12. Let Us Live Lyrics
13. Touchdown Lyrics
14. Angel Lyrics
15. Never Can Say Goodbye Lyrics
16. Dope Boys Lyrics
17. Gameís Pain Lyrics
18. Letter To The King Lyrics
19. Outro


On December 31, 2007, The Game announced at Nas' New Year's Eve party the title and release date of the album. The album's title was originally "The D.O.C.", but Game changed it to "LAX". It was reported in March 2008 that The Game had left prison, however his manager later stated that he was still in jail, but he was expected to be released in time to promote the album. He was released after serving eight days, and went back to work with Cool & Dre on the album. Dre (of Cool & Dre), stated The Game was like 2Pac, and that lyrically, he was "[somewhere] else right now".

Like most hip hop albums of recent times "LAX" sufffered many setbacks and delays. It was first pushed back to June 24 but was later changed to July 8 by Interscope. On June 8, it was announced that LAX would be pushed back a week later to July 15, the same release date as Nas' Untitled album. LAX was then pushed back another week to July 22, and finally to August 22nd 2008.

The Game appeared on 106 & Park on May 16, where he confirmed that LAX would be the last studio album he records, as he intends to promote his record label, Black Wall Street, and start producing music, following in the footsteps of mentor Dr. Dre. However in a later interview, The Game said that he may release a fourth album titled "D.O.C." or "Diary of Compton" but only if he can get the production help of Dr. Dre, MC Ren, King Tee, DJ Yella, Ice Cube and DJ Quik. However, he quickly changed his mind and said that "D.O.C." will not be coming out and that LAX is definitely his last album.

The Game released LAX, his third studio album, on August 22, 2008. Though many guests were confirmed, Keyshia Cole, Common, DMX, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Chrisette Michele, Nas, Ne-Yo, Raekwon, and LaToya Williams were some of the artists to make the final cut.

LAX debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, with 238,382 copies sold, just behind metal band Slipknot's All Hope Is Gone. At first it looked like LAX had debuted ahead of All Hope Is Gone by 13 copies, with such a close difference, Slipknot's labels Warner Music Group and Roadrunner Records asked for a SoundScan recount, a historic first. Nielsen proceded to the recount, which placed LAX at No.2 with 238,382 copies, and Slipknot in first position with 239,516 copies scanned, a margin of 1,134 copies. Billboard then immediately proceeded to the corrections. The album has since gone on to shift over 500,000 copies in the United States and over 700,000 units worldwide. The album has received favorable reviews from music critics.

"Game's Pain" was the lead single from LAX, released on April 29, 2008 via Geffen/Interscope Records. In the song, which features Keyshia Cole, Game makes references to The Notorious B.I.G., Will Smith, Nas, Luke Skyywalker of 2 Live Crew, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Ice Cube (who he says is his favorite rapper), Eazy-E, Naughty By Nature, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, and Mary J. Blige, among others.

The music video for "Game's Pain" was filmed in Los Angeles. The video has cameos including Ice Cube, Tiny Lister, Big Daddy Kane, Three 6 Mafia, Raekwon and Black Wall Street. It made its debut on BET on May 16th 2008. The video starts with The Game in his apartment tapping on a fish tank. He then leaves his residence and hops onto a Bombardier Spyder. He then drives over to Keyshia Cole, who is sitting in a lowrider. He then hops into the lowrider and they begin performing the song. As the song progresses The Game is shown standing up in the lowrider while Keyshia Cole is driving and later, they are both shown at a mansion in Beverly Hills singing while a party is going on in the background. Game is also shown sitting in a throne-like chair in some parts, getting greeted by Raekwon. "Game's Pain" became the #1 video on BET's 106 & Park on June 12th, 2008.

Game then released "Dope Boys" as the second single his LAX album on June 24th, 2008. The song features Travis Barker playing the drums. The clean version is called "Doe Boys". The song samples "Eleanor Rigby" By The Beatles. An unoffical music video was released which featured The Game rapping in the background and Travis Barker playing drums. However an official video was also made, featuring Travis Barker, Omar Cruz, Black Wall Street, and BYI members. In the video, The Game is standing on top of a building with the Los Angeles skyline behind him. In the music video he also wears Beats By Dr. Dre headphones.

"My Life" was the third single from LAX and was released on July 22nd, 2008 in the U.S., and was available digitally on August 5th, 2008 via iTunes. "My Life" debuted at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #32 on the Pop 100 based on downloads. The song, produced by Cool & Dre, features Lil Wayne, and like many recent Lil Wayne songs, he uses the vocoder effect for the hook. When the song first leaked, many believed The Game was "dissing" Eminem. However, later on his website, Game explained that this was not the case, and apologized to anyone who might have misunderstood what he had intended to say. The video which was filmed on July 23rd 2008, was directed by Bryan Barber, and premiered on FNMTV on August 15th 2008. The setting takes place mostly within a graveyard and other areas in and around Compton and features Lil Wayne, with appearances by Birdman, Cool & Dre, and Young Buck, with references to the deceased Sean Bell. In the video The Game also wears a shirt that reads "Hip Hop Broke My Heart", which, in an interview with HipHopDX, he stated: "[When] Hip Hop evolved and changed and got thrown in a bucket of Kool-Aid, somebody threw too much sugar in it. Now it tastes a little funny. That's why I say Hip Hop broke my heart."

In addition to the controversy surrounding the supposed "diss" to Eminem and deceased rapper Proof, on August 1, 2008, DJ Skee released a behind-the-scenes video on his official "SkeeTV" YouTube page. The video has many people speaking to the camera including director Bryan Barber speaking on different subjects within the video. Young Buck is seen speaking about his label, Cashville Records, and artists signed to the label such as the Outlawz, and C-Bo. Also on "SkeeTV", a trailer was released to promote the video, on August 14, the day before the video was officially released.

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