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The Game Vs 50 Cent/G-Unit
  The beef between the pair of Aftermath artists went public when both rappers made radio appearances on 'Hot 97' at the end of February 2005. On Funkmaster Flex's show on February 26, Game said he would not get involved in 50 Cent's beefs with rappers including Fat Joe and Nas. Two days later, 50 appeared on the same show to denounce The Game and announce that the rapper was being kicked out of G-Unit.

   On the radio Monday night, 50 cent — accompanied by G-Unit members Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Olivia — told Funkmaster Flex that the Game was being excommunicated from the G-Unit because he felt the West Coast MC was disloyal. 50 cent told Flex he was disappointed with comments Game made on the station Saturday night, when Game revealed he would not be getting involved in the beefs 50 is stirring up with "Piggy Bank".

   According to Flex, Game even said he was going to do a song with Nas. "He's gone," 50 scoffed. "He might as well make the record." 50 also said Game should stop saying "G-Unit." "He thinks he's doing me a favor when he says that," said 50. During his conversation with Flex, 50 claimed Interscope was going to drop The Game until 50 stepped in and got involved with Game's album 'The Documentary'. 50 also insisted that he's making more money off 'The Documentary' than Game is, and that he wrote more choruses than he's credited for. A rep for Interscope had no comment on the implosion.

   According to the source, Game, who had been a guest on the station earlier in the evening, apparently returned to Hot 97's offices accompanied by an undisclosed number of men and tried to get into the building, to get at 50. At around the same time, 50 Cent's interview was audibly interrupted, some conferring occurred on air, and the interview was ended abruptly. Game and company were not allowed into the building and subsequently began quarreling with a group of individuals who were leaving Hot 97's building.

   The altercation led to a man being shot at least once in the left leg. He was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital. Police reported that 50 himself was not involved in the dispute. The man who was shot, was a 24-year-old man who police have identified as Kevin Reed of Compton, California, and he was hospitalized after a shooting outside the offices of New York radio station Hot 97.

   There were also shots fired outside the office of Violator Management — the company that manages 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Tweet and Missy Elliott — on the very same Monday night, but no one was injured, according to police. There are no suspects as of yet in either shooting, so it isnt clear if The game and company were involved in either of the shootings, but that theory seems to look very plausable at this time.

   In the following weeks of the beef starting, the feud between 50 Cent and The Game has apparently been resolved, as the pair held a joint press conference in Harlem on March 9th to announce they had made amends. Though 50 Cent and Game maintained a safe distance from one another throughout the conference, without making eye contact, or conversing between themselves, both rappers told the media at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, that they were squashing the beef between them, and joining together to donate $253,500 to The Boys Choir of Harlem.

   "Game and I need to set an example in the community," 50 Cent said in a statement released prior to the conference, in which he also announced the launch of his G-Unity Foundation, Inc., which will "help people overcome obstacles and make a change for the better in their lives."

   50 Cent and Game each gave a short speech to the crowd that included Reverend Run and Russell Simmons, about why they opted for philanthropy instead of fighting. They presented the choir's founder with oversized checks - $150,000 from 50, and $103,500 from Game – and eventually shook hands and posed for photographers.

   He also explained that both rappers decided to end their feud for the "two most important groups: ourselves and our fans."

   "You can control your own destiny," Game said, "and I'm going to control my destiny in a positive way…. I want to apologize on behalf of myself and 50," Game said, "to the fans, radio stations and our labels… I'm ashamed to have participated in things that went down over the past couple weeks."



The Game Vs Joe Budden
  Although Joe Budden didn't really have a dispute with The Game, his beef with G-Unit was started through 50 Cent's comments of Joe Budden's debut album. He criticized Budden's album for lacking street credibility. Joe Budden took offense and released various disses targeting G-Unit. Before The Game had signed to Aftermath, he was on the mixtape circuit! Whilst in New Yrk, he was approached by DJ Clue, who had heard of Game's flow, and wanted him to be on his upcoming tape! Clue said to The Game, "Can you come out here to do a freestyle?", Game takes him up on his offer. He gets to the studio to record his stff and he see's another young emcee, Stack Bundles. Game said, "I’m in the studio we get in and we do the freestyle mix. Me and Stack Bundles, and that’s a wrap. Whatever and I’m thinking just me and Stack Bundles on the song.

   Around a month or two passes and it’s the All Star Game out in L.A, Game was their with DJ Clue and others, whilst Clue was handing out mixtapes. Joe Budden was also out there and he comes up to Game to shake his hand, "but like its like almost like it’s a different handshake" said The Game. "It’s like he’s thinking in his mind, Did Game hear me say that fly shit on this [Clue] tape? So he shaking my hand kind of phony. I didn’t really pay no attention to it I’m like maybe hes just a little bit weird" The Game said in an interview. Little did The Game know at this point that the CD's that were handed out with his freestyle track on, also included Joe Budden, but on the same track as Game. In the track Joe Budden continues to carry on his beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit, and disses the group througout the song. The Game had no knowledge of Joe Budden been on a track with him, let alone that he was beefing with G-Unit on his track!

   Two weeks after the All Star Game, The Game was working out in 24 hour fitness, when he gets a call from 50 Cent. "50 Cent called me while I was working out in the gym asking me if I do a song with Joe Budden?", says The Game. "And I’m like Hell no. I wouldn’t do no song with Joe Budden that’s like not even my genre of rap. I’m a gangster rapper, more like a lyricist and I mix that with my gangster shit. I’m an emcee. Joe Budden is like a rapper. Like I don’t mean to call out names but I don’t even give a fuck. Like Chingy and Ludacris those are rappers. You wouldn’t classify Joe Budden as he got ill lyrics like Biggie and Pac." he said in an interview.

   As he continued to assure 50 Cent he never did a song with Joe Budden, 50 Cent continues to assure The Game that he did, on the new Clue Mixtape. "So I tell 50 I’m a call him back. I go downstairs to my truck and I pop the CD in and then sure enough this nigga is taking subliminal shots. I can understand if you got beef with somebody [like 50 Cent], if you got beef with that man call that man out if that’s who you got beef with or if its them. All you got to do is call them out and they going to come answer. I understand the competitive nature of Hip Hop, of battling and rhyming. But he didn’t do that. And I kind of felt like he disrespected me in the sense that he knew when Clue said I got this song, he looked at it like Game do business with G-Unit. Game is the newest member of G-Unit and he on the song with somebody from Desert Storm and I can come on here and I can certify myself by taking shots at G-Unit. I will look bigger because Game is on the song." said The Game.

   The Game followed that statement on how the beef started by saying, "To the public eye, it looks like I did a song with Joe Budden and condoned him dissin’ G-Unit, which I don’t. I sat down for like a day, a day and a half. I thought about what I should do. I talked to Jimmy [his manager Jimmy Henchman] about it. Everybody agreed that he took a shot. In that, there was no defending the fact that I had to come back at him. That’s what I did."

   The Game fires back at Joe Budden on the song "Buddens" from DJ Kay Slay's latest mixtape, Addicted To Beef Pt. 2, which is hosted by none other than The Game. He also takes shots at DJ Clue, for allowing Joe Budden to record such lyrics on a track with games vocals on without him even knwoing about it.

  The rappers continued to release beef laced ixtpae diss tracks aimed at one another, including The Game's "200 Bars", in which he also disses memphis bleek, "I got a mill on it", and "Murder Budden". Joe Budden hit tha Game with his own tracks including "Big shot", and "Game Over". You can downooad most of these tracks and see lyrics form them below! :)

  The Game made many death threats towards Joe Budden, and even flew out to New York to "sort things out", and this is when Budden bitched out of the beef. Joe Budden also said that The Game was on the TV show "Change Of Heart" and had a tongue ring (see pic). The Game admitted to both allegations on his website. Budden and Game got a chance to talk out their differences — on air. The two were guests on Sway's "Renegade Radio" morning show on Hot 97, and sources within both camps now say the beef is being diffused. And they have also, apparently, mutually decided to stop making diss records towards each other at a party in New York.

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of The Game and Budden’s lyrical feud

The Game On Joe Budden on "200 Bars": “Tell 'em to roll red carpet when he come in New York / Hip-hop police on me think they runnin New York / Till I lace my and1 show 'em how to run in New York They tryin to take me downtown put me under the court / Cuz Joe Buddens told 'em I carry a gun in New York / And homey that's strictly fact he got ripped on wax / So he snitched just to get me back / No matter what you say dog your shit be whack / You better watch what you say it might get you clapped / Here's a little advice homey switch your raps / Cuz that shit on your last album ain't get you plat's / Industry niggaz I'll admit to that / But I don't even want your chain I'll let the Crips do that / 12 bars for that bitch he won't live through that / Even a nigga with a ten-year bid knew that / Put a gun in his mouth yeah, yeah do that / He a pussy (sniff, sniff) his own kid knew that / I'm Ready To Die B.I.G knew that / He ain't eatin look at his white tee you could see his ribs through that / You cocksucker let your ears do that / Or ride later do me ooh wee now back to rap / 2 Lincoln continentals sittin back to back / Leavin Jersey City naw nigga Hackensack / Where's that somewhere where the crackers at / Real far from where the roaches and rats is at / Come to Compton I'll show you where the racquet's at / Down the street from the staples centers where they hack-a-shack / Give the advance money back I am not have to rap / Break Harry-O out tell him crack is back / That's nine five a bird take half of that / Import it, export it in cracker jacks / When you get to the projects ask for Black / You know what you started with give him half of that / He gon give you 50 g's in a plastic sack / And I'mma gives you 3500 cash for that / Gotta keep your mouth closed or I'mma blast the Mack / They won't believe you the whole world know that bastard rap / Once you outta the throne you can't have it back / Retirement home and ain't nothing after that / Except you layin in a casket black”
CLICK HERE FOR FULL "200 Bars & Runnin" LYRICS >>

Joe Budden on The Game "Big Shot": “Far as the kid Game he's Lame to Say the Least / he's mad he's from the West so he Converted to The East / all they talk about him & his man that they Blast Pounds / but when u see him he's just Dancing in the Background / I tore Game Apart / thought by now this Asshole would have a Change Of Heart / Especially when i got the Tape of this GANGSTA on Change Of Heart / Teary Eyed cause his Shorty had a Change OF Heart / but i smell something fishy theres a Con in the Air / Slacks, his tongue pierced, Streaks Blonde in His Hair / who's he Playin Wit, keep Sayin Shit / and your body will take the same tour Reagans Did”



The Game Vs Yukmouth
  Game said that he had been a fan of Yukmouth growing up, but that changed with each insulted traded back and forth. A video surfaced on the internet in early 2004 that had Yukmouth in a studio with rapper Domination, who happened to be making a G-Unit diss. At the end of the clip, Yukmouth makes comments about Game having a tonguering. In October 2004, The Game released a diss record directed towards Yukmouth, using the same beat Yukmouth is most famous for, "I Got 5 On It", Game titled the song as "I Got A Mill On It" and aimed his disses at both Yuk and Dmoination.. Yukmouth responded with two diss tracks and a music video for the second diss track, featuring an impersonator of The Game. Both disses claimed the same things Joe Budden had said but also said The Game was slapped by Suge Knight, in the song "Game Over". That rumor was supposedly started by Daz Dillinger. The Game responded on his website, saying that if Suge Knight ever touched him, Knight would be "6 feet under". In February 2005, Yukmouth released a mixtape called "All Out War" with several tracks directed towards The Game. Yukmouth claimed on the mixtape that The Game used to be a male stripper and he has a video of it as proof to be released on United Ghettos Of America 3 DVD. Yukmouth continues to beef with The Game today and has since followed up the awesome scathing attack on Game, that was "Game Over", with "Game Over 2". This see's Yukmouth and Gonzoe (of Outlawz fame) spitting more venom over the beat of Fabolous's latest single "Breathe", and continues to clown Game about allegedly getting slapped by Suge Knight. Yukmouths diss tracks are some of the best around at this point, so make sure you check a few of his lyrics below, and download the songs in our forum!

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of The Game and Yukmouth’s lyrical feud

Yukmouth on The Game "Game Over": “Suge Knight slapped that nigga (Game), he didn't do shit / Got slapped two different times and didn't do shit / Disrespecting Eazy tattoo, you aint Ruthless / Dropped a album with JT that didn't so shit / Now he Mr. Hard body since he with the Unit / ”
At the end of the track Yuk goes on tirade:
“You ain't got no plaques on the wall...You aint got no money, you bitch...You live at your momma's house ... You tongue ring queen...You cant fuck with me, stay off the internet you computer thug..You don't want war you bitch...Joe Budden murdered you and Yuk gon' dead ya ass...You just got your first tattoo 2 years ago...When JT found you, you was tryna be a GQ Model...you thought you was the next LL...remember you was saying that..you bitch..be real...fake ass Blood”

The Game On Yuk "I Got A Mill On It": “You a bitch, how you call yaself the "Ice Cream Man" / When Master P took your name and your Ice Cream Van / Made 500 million, that’s your homie though / Took your manhood, gave tha shit to Lil Romeo / This nigga, 5 foot 2, talkin' that big shit / You got +5 On It+? that money went to Chris Hicks / Tryin' to diss Too $hort for doin' his pimp shit / Nigga you been gitten fucked, swallowin' big dicks / Pac knew he was a pussy, that's why he ran south / Signed to Rap-A-Lot, they never put his ass out / Hid behind Lil' J, all the sudden you thugged out”



The Game Vs Memphis Bleek/Rocafella
  Throughout the debut of The Game, he had a beef with Memphis Bleek. The origin of the beef stems from JT the Bigga Figga's old label(Get Low) sounding very similar to Memphis Bleek's label (Dirty Get Low). The Game was on Get Low Records before signing to Aftermath. The Game dissed Memphis Bleek for the name situation on many tracks. Another rivalry is based on a line from The Game's "Westside Story" track where he says "And I don't do button up shirts or drive Maybachs", which Jay-Z took this as a direct insult to him. The result of this is a Jay-Z freestyle that The Game perceived was disrespecting him, with lines like "The Game's through." Memphis Bleek also challenged The Game to a rap battle for $50,000 that night on the same radio station that aired the freestyle.

   The Game responded the next day at a concert in Amsterdam where he made several remarks about Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, and Roc-A-Fella Records in an impromptu song. Jay-Z insisted the "Game" references were just about the rap game itself, not the rapper. The Game also fell back when Tim Westwood asked quetsions about it on a radio station in the U.K. the same day. In his concert in Los Angeles he dissed everyone he had beef with in the past, which included Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella. Jay-Z has not responded to the disses The Game has made at the concerts.



The Game Vs Benzino
  Benzino and his magazine 'The Source' recently dissed The Game over his comments from his album The Documentary. The Game stated on "Don't Need Your Love" his displeasure of The Source. Also The Game recorded a scathing freestyle with Malice, a white rapper from Compton to respond towards the situation between Benzino and Eminem. Benzino responded on the song "Check Mate". Benzino has had a long standing feud with Eminem and has dissed several artists on Interscope in the past. The Game was interviewed for The Source. The cover story will explain what happened between The Game and 50 Cent after the incident at Hot 97.

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