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THE GAME INTERVIEWS:  Below are a selection of interviews with westcoast rap artist The Game. All interviews are in date order, starting from the most recent. All credit is given to original interviewers.



INTERVIEW: The Game And Snoop Call Unity - (April 6, 2005)

LOS ANGELES: Snoop Dogg greeted the media Wednesday with his signature "Westsiiide" shout-out, but never before was it so appropriate. Snoop was joined by the Game for a press conference to promote their upcoming How the West Was One Tour, which the rappers described as a major step toward unity in West Coast hip-hop:

"I hate to bring the whole gang thing into play, but him being from Long Beach and being a Crip and me being from Compton and being a Blood just sets a whole new future," Game explained. "This is so much more bigger than a poster with our faces on it. This provides for a new unified and diverse West Coast community as a whole."

Unity, Snoop said, is the key to Southern California returning to the center of the hip-hop universe, where it was when Tupac and Dr. Dre were at their most prominent and he was just getting started.

"We're gonna go out and represent the West Coast and do a show that can bring back the West Coast," Snoop said of the tour, which kicks off April 15 in Salt Lake City. "It's about time, right?"

Snoop and Game toured Europe together last month, and they promised the North American version will be bigger and better. "We've both grown as entertainers," Snoop said. "We learned from each other. He was doing things onstage that was dazzling me. We know we gotta represent a little harder 'cause this is the home front and you gotta take care of your living room before you go outside."

"It ain't no funny business, no flying midgets or funny lights," Game added. "Just me and Dogg and real hip-hop."

Game said he'll be joining Snoop during his set that is, when he's not watching in adoration. "I've been a fan of Snoop Dogg's since I had a lunch pail," he said. "Now my knees are shaking 'cause he's the king of the West. But I don't mind being the prince.

"I get a little nervous [being his opening act], but at the end of the day, I'm gonna put on a great show 'cause I know all the pressure's on him," Game continued. "I'm just loosening the screws, he's gotta tear the roof off. And when I'm done I don't leave, I walk around the fence and sit out there and watch, 'cause I'm a fan of hip-hop and I'm a fan of this man. I've studied him and he's helped mentor me."

The respect is apparently mutual. "I call Game the choice of a new generation, he's like Pepsi," joked Snoop, who met Game years ago through DJ Pooh. "The opportunity I was given through Death Row and Dr. Dre is the same opportunity that Game is getting. We always say we want the young generation to have it, but you have to open up your arms when they come in the game. I was giving him love before he was signed. He always was real with the game, which is way the game is real with him now."

Wednesday's press conference was held on the set of Snoop's next video, a medley of "Ups & Downs" and "Bang Out." Game and his Black Wall Street crew will co-star.

"I wanted to have Game be a part of it because we're so down with each other, but visually you're not seeing it," Snoop said. "I want everybody to understand that we're not just going on tour together for the money, this is a real love thing we really care for each other."

Snoop also used the press conference to show off his new Doggy Biscuitz shoe line with Pony, taking a shoe off his foot and putting it in front of the cameras. "I just had to put a shoe out to represent this West Coast culture, this lifestyle that we stand for, 'cause there's no one doing that," he said.

Game said he's working on a sneaker of his own with Reebok that'll come out early next year in conjunction with his second album. It's still unclear whether Game's truce with 50 Cent means the rappers will work together again, as Game avoided questions about the topic Wednesday.

"At the end of the day, that's just a dead issue, and I just want to move on to the How the West Was One Tour," he said. When asked if he's spoken to 50 since their press conference, he said, "Next question."



INTERVIEW: 'Compton's Most Wanted' - AftermathMusic (Jan 16, 2004)

  The Game Talks To Aftermathmusic.com And To His Fans On 'His Much Anticipated First Album, His Beef With Joe Budden, and talks on Hip Hop's Legends, and Westcoast rap. Below Is The Interviews Transcript, The Interview Has Two Parts, Both Below, Which Were Done A Month Apart From Each Other, In January And February 2004, check it:



1st off Chuck, thanks for taking the time to talk to the fans. You know you have lot's of fans outta there.

The Game:
I appreciate it man. Thanks a lot.

Please introduce yourself to the fans. Tell us about your childhood and how and where did u grow up?

The Game:
Man I grew up in a neighborhood compton called Cedar Block. It's a neighborhood where bloods hang out, you know we got crips and bloods in los angeles, so the whole gang bang thang, you know I got caught up in that man and grew up it was me ,my mom, and my brothers. We grew up in compton and shit was crazy growin up there cause in the 80's and early 90's thats when the gang bangin was really at it's peak man. So I lost a lot of my friends. So man I just soaked in all that shit and then when I got a lil older all that was all that fuckin glitter and glamour you know what I'm sayin,just drivin around, fancy cars, and the dope game. All that shit was attractin to me you know what I'm sayin. So I got into that and it was a rap after that and 2001... ah make a long story short, 2001 I was in a lil dope spot and I got shot 5 times man, after that i got out of a coma, not a big coma just 2 and a half days. I got outta that and after that at that point it was the point of no return really. So I really started grindin out and i took rap serious. I didn't even rap prior to being gettin shot I just started listenin to Jay-z, N.W.A., Pac and Big and EO, I kinda was like damn I could probably do this shit so I started fuckin with this shit and I got good really fast man and at the sametime I was recouperatin from my bullet wounds know what I'm sayin, got my life back together and I'm also like stayin away from the streets cause at that point I was like man fuck this shit, this shit aint never did nothin for me really but brought me heart ache,pain, and all my friends dyin, know what I'm say my cousins, my brothers so I lost too much and then at the end of the day I thought about like you know what man this shit made me a bigger person you know what I'm sayin cause if I didn't go throught that I wouldn't of known how real life is. So now I appreciate life so i went to the bay and did this demo listen man and did like 30 songs in like 2 weeks time, some crazy shit and that was my first time ever being in a studio know what I'm sayin.

You said "The Game got Shot by Crips" do you know what crips shot you.

The Game:
ah... I know.. I wont say the name, I dont really wanna get into detail's and shit but I know for a fact I got shot by crips but I dont got no hostility towards nobody.still here, theres still alot of people that got shot and died, I feel like I got blessed by god to still be here , doin what I'm doin, to be signed, and ready to release my album and got no animasity towards nobody. plus I got friends that I grew up with that are crips. Just cause they're crips and I'ma blood don't mean I don't fuck with my friends know what I'm sayin, but It was just some bullshit but I did get shot by crips to answer your question, yes. But you know it aint really nothin now, I'm healthy, just had a son so I'm just enjoyin life now.

Why the name: THE GAME?

The Game:
I got the name game when I was a young kid, my grandmother rest in peace. She gave me the name game cause when I was young I was one of them bad ass kids that did anythin. Like if i saw a fuckin roach or mouse I'd pick it up off the ground bugs I wasn't scared of bugs I used to play basketball, football, ran track, I played baseball. She used to say I was game for everythin so thats where the name game from. So as I got older homies, women, the name stuck with me game, game, game. then you got your bitches that wanna ask so.. ah.. is your name game mean you got game for girls, hell no shit. My grandmother gave me that name and she aint no longer here so I gotta capitolize off of everythin and I wish she was here to see that I grown up and the man that I become. But I cant make that happen so what I'm doin is tryin to keep it rightous keep myself humble man and just really give the fans and the whole world everythin that they want I'm tryin to bring back the westcoast it's been ten years the last person to do it was Snoop Dogg and we aint heard from nobody else since I'm not sayin westcoast artists aren't the shit and they dont spit we just not as respected as we used to be so I'm single handedly tryin to bring it back to that level know what I'm sayin.

Please tell us more about your group and The Black Wall Street?

The Game:
Black Wall Street is my record label as is G-Unit is to 50 or is Shady Records to Em, it's not a group but I have groups within my record company and I have orders that i'm workin on but nobody is settin stone yet, I'm still lookin for my team really, know what I'm say. So if you know anybody got some shit and they hot and they different and got their shit, fuck with me cause I'm tellin you my shit is about to take off, my Black Wall Street is about to be crazy next Aftermath your next Bad Boy and I got everybody fuckin with me from P Diddy to Jt to Nas to Dre to Em, know what I'm sayin and I must be makin some noise and impressin mother fuckers and doin what I'm suppose to be doin cause I got all these hip hop legends fuckin wit me and I got no album I'm just on mixtapes know what I'm sayin so the game movement is defenitaly rollin and my album will be out in june I dont know the exact date but I dont need an exact date as long as it's june, Dre said it's june and they gonna drop a single in march.

If you take a look at all of your qualities. What do you think it is that makes you successful, in terms of your style, ambitions or personality?

The Game:
Because if you listen to my music I dont really sound like the familar westcoast artist what I did was take the eastcoast flow and the hip hops lyricist like qualities and mixed it with my westcoast gangsta shit and then you got the game know what i'm sayin I mixed everythin my music is universal thats why people in germany fuckin wit it people in eastcoast people in the south people in austrailia people in compton people in fuckin manhattan everybody fucks with The Game cause my flow is so universal that it's not 1 coasted it's not just westcoast shit and I speak like I respect all the legends in hip hop so I speak for the dead the mother fuckin rappers that are no longer here. I speak for eazy I speak for big I speak for pac cause I feel if they were still here the game would be different so what I'm tryin todo is take it and escalate it back to what it was all I wanna see is hiphop back the way it was at first cause now it's garbage. I would say from a business standpoint it's the biggest it's ever been plus you got like t-mobile fuckin with you you got all the fortune 500 companies usin hiphop to sell their products which is big big as fuck bigger than ever but at the sametime the creative level in hiphop is garbage because back in the day you had eazy e doin they shit so u'd see krs 1 would say oh nwa doin it like that or u'd see public enemy lookin at nwa like ok they doin gangsta shit we're from the eastcoast so we're gonna fight the power u know it was like everybody being so creative doin somethin different queen latifah came out oh man let me rep for the women and do it rightously then you got ice cube come out and he gangsta again u know what I'm sayin everybody was doin their own shit in these days everybody doin the same shit ok everybody got a bitch in the videowith a fast car, bottle of hypnotic, and a blunt. fuck that man.

Did you ever thought you'd be the West Coast biggest prospect since Snoop? What are your thoughts on that?

The Game:
Not in a million fuckin years if I could start my life over ten times I wouldn't even guest that I'd be in the position that I'm in today, never.

Tell us a little bit about the atmosphere on Aftermath.

The Game:
Basically whenever I go in the studio I go with dre and workin with dre you better come with your fuckin hard hat on your gloves and get ready togo to work cause it's a all night thing it aint no bullshit it aint playin with the time cause he'll drop you faster than a mike tyson punch know what I'm sayin so when you in with dre he serious he is ultimatly about business he loves and cares for every last oneof his artists , see the thing with workin with dre is you are the soul person, you have the soul responsiblity to do your own shit if you come in and you workin hard as long as you workin hard in the studio everyday you grindin dre gonna keep you on cause he see that you hungry and he know where theres hunger theres always progress but if you bullshitin or even if you're a dope mc and your work ethnic is sloppy, he's gonna drop you.

You think that was the problem with Rakim? You know he left the math last year! It was very dissapointed for me.

The Game:
The problem with dre and rakim I can't really speak on because I'm not really sure so I dont wanna give you false information like I dont know what happen with that but I'm sad to see rakim parted ways with our label cause his addition as well as mines and the other artists that are on aftermath or interscope or shady or g-unit his addition would of been crazy cause we are the biggest hiphop umbrella right now interscope end know what I'm sayin. So I mean I hated seeing rakim go cause that one of my child hood idols and I fucked wit rakim when I wasn't even rapper and just to be in his presences was like godly to me so to see him go was sad but I gotta do gamegotta keep pushin.

So Eazy is on of your biggest influences, right?

The Game:
Oh..yea..yea eazy is the biggest inspiration for the game man, I group up when I was younger I knew eazy my dad used to fuck with eazy, he took me around to videos and eazy would always tell me, I used to tell eazy i wanna be like you when i grow up, eazy would say nah you dont wanna be like me you wanna be the president, you wanna be a teacher, you wanna be the doctor, and I used to say nah I wanna be a rapper know what I'm sayin.

Do you talk with Dre about Eazy E?

The Game:
I talk to dre about eazy, everybody misses eazy everybody knows eazy's contribution to hiphop goes with out sayin and it's obvisous I just dont think that eazy gets as much props as he deserves but thats why you got me cause I'm bout to make sure that everybody in their passin from either eazy to aliyah gets the just do that they deserve I'm hiphop man you know thats the best way to describe me I just wanna see hip hop go back to the days it was fun when there wasn't no beef in it wasn't no.. just everybody havin fun cause at the end of the day it's all about gettin money and takin care your family and makin sure your business stay strong it's not about killin eachother and driven eachother to shit and wantin this record label to be fucked up and wantin mines to pop so let me diss this dude nah but it can be like that and the game himself i'm not backin down no fuckin diss battle if someone bring it to me I'm bringin it to them because thats just the competative nature of hip hop through out the time theres always been battles whenever the gun play came into it I wasn't there for that I was still doin my shit in the hood gang bangin but now that I'ma feel like I'm fightin for my family i'm fightin for my team know what i mean. You take shots we take shots at you.

Let's get to into this NWA thing. What are your thoughts on a NWA reunion album? You know, the fans wanna a NWA reunion, but with old Eazy verses and not with Snoop. Could this happened?

The Game:
It wont happen everybody is so into themselves these days and like everbody got they own shit goin and you know we just really wanna remember nwa for what they was we dont really wanna try and put it back together I'm just reppin nwa cause thats what I grew up on i'm from compton, fuckin 5 minutes from where eazy and them was doin they whole nwa shit me wearin the chain me spitiin nwa is not sayin I'm bringin nwa back or comin out wit another album I dont wanna do that I want nwa togo out like michael did and they did they went out on top it is wat it is and it was what it was I dont wanna bring the group back I dont wanna bring back ren back and yella, if you think about it these guys had they time when they was young they're older now everybody settin they ways yella got kids ren got kids know what I'm sayin cube doin his movie thing and he got the westside thing it'll be too much, too much politics, and too much differences know what I'm sayin. It's too much work to do that so all I'm doin is reppin eazy in his passin and makin sure that the world knows that nwa was one of the reason that we have hiphop today and was a big fuckin part.

So, when you look back at all NWA albums now, what are your thoughts on it? Which album impressed you most?

The Game:
Ah..I'd have to say the straight outta compton cause at the time of that album came out is when I started to appreciate gangsta rap and I was startin to appreciate hip hop and thats when my appreciation for music was at a all time high cause thats the time when hip hop was the shit man it was the shit you had nwa u had queen latifah u had de la soul u had public enemy u had kool g rap u had big daddy kane it was just fun everybody was havin fun wasn't no fuckin big movie budgets wasn't no fast cars, was concerts just hip hop everybody loved it everybody loves it now but they love all the false shit the bling the glamour it's not about that everytime it's bullshit what I'm tryin todo, I'm not tryin to be myself I'm just tryin to be at the fore front when hip hop evolves again back towards what it was at first I just wanna be a part of that say yea game was one game would preach this and game was the shit and thats the time when I loved hip hop and I want another kid to be like me, I love hip hop man. The Game was a part of that and he was the only mother fucker from cali doin that.

"QB to Compton" with Nas was amazing. How did u guys hooked up?

The Game:
Yea, I had nothin todo with that. Tracks were takin from my demo and tracks from takin from Nas, his lost tapes, they were mixed together, and were put out on a cd called QB to Compton.listen to his answer

Whoo Kid called you 'Compton's most wanted'. How did you meet Whoo Kid?

The Game:
I met whoo kid when I signed to aftermath, whoo kid was g-units dj, it's all family know what I mean.

I talked to Whoo Kid in June. Are there more collaborations in plans?

The Game:
I did a song wit lil flip and I did a song with lloyd banks and then I got 2 freestyles on their myself.I'm blessed to have a dj like whoo kid in my corner cause he looks out for me know what I mean, makes sure I stay buzzin, he is the main reason why I am buzzin on the eastcoast because whoo kid let me on his tape I was a kid from the westcoast nobody believed in westcoast artists I'm brand new signed whoo kid put me on the tape mother fuckers started feelin me it's that simple had I not had that chance from whoo kid then maybe I would not be as big as I am today or maybe I might not be as big as I will be when my album drops whoo kid gave me that extra push man so I love him for that he's like my big brother.

You know, you can't be 'Compton's most Wanted' and not get Dre's attention. How did you came in contact with Aftermath? And why did you decide to sign on the math?

The Game:
When I had...I was label battlin I had def jam, i had rocafella, i had murder inc, i had bad boy, and I had aftermath . Then at the end of the day dre is from compton I'm from compton aftermath is a westcoast label and dre has no westcoast artists and dre has not yet broke a westcoast artist so I figured that was the perfect place for me dre got my demo from the streets, a guy named d mack the black george clooney he's gave the cd to dre and I was signed no later than a week. Ya'll see him in a minute he's like damon dash is to jay-z, thats my damon dash thats d mack, he's my damon dash.

The West Coast is hungry right now. What new aspect do you feel you can bring to the rap game?

The Game:
Put it like this jay-z retires polish my throne thats it, jay-z retires polish up my throne cause i'm bout to sit in it for the next 10 years.

START of PART 2: February 29th:

Sup Game, you ready to answer a couple of questions? I know you are busy as hell. Important are the album related questions.

The Game:
Aight sure. Let me answer you a couple of questions. You know I?m sayin. So you have a little bit. I don't have the time yet, but I know the fans want to know more about my album.


Please tell us more about your upcoming Aftermath / G-Unit album "Nigga witta attitude". Is the entire album handled by Dre or how is your album looking production wise and who's gonna be on it?

The Game:
Production wise I got a bunch of producers who are hot - I got of course Dre, I got just Blaze tracks, Kanye West, Neptunes, I got some tracks from Jelly Roll, who's a big Westcoast producer - the next dude to blow. He likes me on a producer side, you know. Be looking out for him, he's crazy, he's the next fuckin Dre. Watch!

I know Jelly. Old DeathRow times

The Game:
Yeah. He's hot.

Why the title "Nigga witta attitude"?

The Game:
I picked the title "Nigga witta attitude" because that's what we are, where we come from. This enviroment called The Ghetto man, we all have attitudes, we just grow up in a fucked up place at the same time. I grew up in a hood in Compton, you know I?m sayin'? So you know, N.W.A. the original group was from Compton - Dr. Dre, Eazy E. Ice Cube, Ren - They're all from Compton. So Eazy is passed on, carrying on their legacy. So that's why I choosed "Nigga witta attitude Vol. 1".

Are you going to meet Brooklyn to record some tracks?

The Game:
Brooklyn? She's not on Aftermath no more.

What? Since when?

The Game:
Since I dunno. There's some personal business. I just know she's not on the math.

I heard about Joe Beast, that he has been dropped from the Math.

The Game:
Yeah, Joe Beast is not on Aftermath anymore even. This is just me Chris - Last man standing.

Did Sean T produce tracks, too? I heard he did 30 beats for you!

The Game:
Yeah, Sean T did 30 beats. That's my man. I've been working with him since the beginning of my career. And he got like 1 or 2 tracks is probably gone make that album. But it's not damn sure yet.

How many songs are ready and what's your favourite track on the album?

The Game:
Uum, I don't really have a favourite track and I?m about 14 songs finnished. So a couple more songs

What should people expect from you lyrically on the album?

The Game:
Lyrically people should expect the ressurrection of the Westcoast.

Fans and artists said about your upcoming album: "This is going to be one of the biggest street records of the year. " What do you think about compliments like this?

The Game:
I think that's beautiful, Chris. Like I said, I?m still ate the beginning of my carreer. So I don't really know how taken all this shit, man. I just stay humble and I appreciate all the fans and all the people who support my music. And I feel blessed even in the position I am.

When can we expect your first single and video?

The Game:
Yeah, my album will be out sometimes middle summer or end of summer. So expect this soon next couple of month.


NWA: NWA for life
2Pac: Greatest MC of all Time
Eazy E.: My Mentor and my idol
Dr. Dre: My teacher and the greatest producer of all time
Jimmy Iovine: The most succesful business man in Hip Hop history
Sean T: My brother and my friend till the day I die
The Black Wall Street: A movement
Westcoast Rap @ the moment: On the rush

Any last words to your fans or anything else you'd like to talk about?

The Game:
Oh yeah, Chris. Just tell my fans that I love 'em and thanks for the support and appriciate it man. When the album drop go get it, 'cause it's an universal album. It's the ressurrection of the Westcoast. It's for eveybody, from here to Africa to listen. Everybody can listen to that album, 'cause it's not just a Westcoast album. Everybody knows, that Interscope is the hardest record company right now. So - "Nigga witta attitude - in stores this summer!"

Oh, last question. Whattup with Joe Budden? Your track is bangin man!

The Game:
Yeah yeah, just let everybody know, that Joe Budden dissed G-Unit on a DJ Clue mixtape called "American Idol". And I`m the garbage-man, so I clean up all this dirty shit. And I?m shot directly straight! I?m only doin 1 freestyle and after that I?m doin no more freestyles. And when I see him Ima break his fuckin' face.



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