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THE GAME: 'Docotrs Advocate' ALBUM REVIEW
ALBUM TITLE: Doctors Advocate

LABEL: Aftermath / Geffen Records

RELEASED: 14th Nov 2006

TOP TRACKS:  One Blood, Lets Ride, Doctors Advocate, California Vacation

RAPCENTRAL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars - The Game More Than Proves He's Capable Of Droppin CChart Toppers Without leaning on Dr Dre and 50 Cent


  The Game's first major-label album "The Documentry" and was cited as being the rebirth of West Coast hip-hop, selling 586,000 copies in its first week and recieving rave reviews from critics.

   The Game's follow up album, "Doctor's Advocate" is here and despite all the fueds and the "Doctor's Advocate" featuring no Dr. Dre produced track, Game has crafted the best possible sophomore effort one could imagine.

   The beef with G-Unit has been pushed aside by Game (a smart move) and the first track (named "Lookin' At You") is an unapologetic West Coast banger. The second track "Da Shit" is a cruise anthem, it's apparent even at this early stage of "Doctor's Advocate" that this is West Coast Hip Hop and this works in his favour, its very street (unlike Jay-Z's Kingdom Come, glossy beats all around). "It's Okay (One Blood)", originally set to be released as a pre-release single, this track was floating around the internet as far back as July 2006, but the inclusion of this track as the lead single is a good move by Game, it's a very good track (if you are used to Game's excessive name dropping).

   will.i.am deserves credit for the track "Compton", his production on this is quality and Game's rap is only mediorce, but it's still a raw ass track. "Remedy" is probably the weakest track so far and is a run of a mill track.

   "Let's Ride" is a classic L.A. tune, smooth, Game verses and hook are tight, Scott Storche's production is fantastic on this. "Too Much" also produced by Storch and featuring West Coast legend Nate Dogg, it's a another solid track to the album, nothing special though. Anybody who listens to popular music will know that Kanye West produced this track a mile away, but this isn't a bad thing, Game shows his softer side and the lyrics are playful and is basically a take on Tupac Shakur's "All About U". But I'm not taking anything away from Game here, it is a great tune.

   So far so good, after eight tracks Game has already crafed a minor West Coast classic, but it either gets better or worse, and I am delighted to say, it only gets better. The obligatory Swizz Beats track "Scream On 'Em", it's what you would expect from Swizzy, repeditive beat. "One Night" is the albums weakest track so far in my opinion, "Nike Airs" again? It's a bit samely, but does he make up for it on the albums title track "Doctor's Advocate", by far away Game's best track so far in his career. Jonathan Rotem's beat is haunting as Game pours his heart out literally, the hook is beatifully sung and Busta nails his verse and here we see Game's diversity and how far he has come on since The Documentary, he has evolved as a rapper and it is evident by the majority of tracks on this effort.

   "Ol' English" is a slow track (Game's lyrics ever improving) and is a hazy joy of a song. The album's next track "California Vacation" is a classic. It's a raw banger (Snoop and Xzibit guest verses included). The Jonathan Rotem produced track is a another highlight of an already impressive album. West Coast veterans Daz and Kurupt appear on "Bang", all three rappers do good on their verses, but the production by Jellyroll is rather generic in my opinion and its a shame.

   "Around The World" is an average track, but poor in relation to what we have heard earlier in this album. The albums final track, a nine and a half minute tour-de-force with Nas and Marsha (of Floetry). Its a good track, nice production, good verses, but it does ramble on a bit towards the end.

   Game has improved himself as a rapper on this album and without the guidance of Dr. Dre (and even 50 Cent) this is a major achievement for Game, and is a true westcoast album, a classic in the making.

Review By: LostSoul89  

RapCentral Member Comments:

Eazy-ED - 24/Nov/06: Despite what some of my friends thought of this album, I really liked it, although it's not as good as The Docu and some of his shit released on mixtapes, but definately one of the better rap albums in my collection. My Top tracks: One Blood, Compton, Let's Ride, & Why You Hate The Game. Id agree with your 4.5 rating!

shatterpoint - 27/Nov/06: As much as I like the cD, I agree, I liked it half way went I 1st heard it, but now im lovin every song on it except 1 which is with kurupt. This album is WESTCOAST, GAME himself. It doesent sound a bit New York or 50 cent. Its straight westcoast flavor. I think only 2 things documentary has on the Doctors Advocate is Dreams and Start From Scratch.

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