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   » Trick Daddy Biography


   » Official Site:  www.thug.com
   » Related Artists:  Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kurput,
       Daz Dillinger, Tha Dogg Pound, 2pac, Coolio


 The artist who goes by the stage name of Trick Daddy was born Maurice Young on September 23rd, 1973 in Miami, Florida USA. For his unsigned work and his debut album "Based on a True Story" he was known as Trick Daddy Dollars, and is also sometimes referred to as T Double D. Trick Daddy grew up in the Liberty City section of Miami, Florida, which is arguably the city's roughest area, was into selling drugs when he was younger, and was addicted to cocaine, these experiences are what he draws from for his work within the Hip Hop industry today.

Trick Daddy Dollars earned his stripes in 1996 as one of the lead rappers on Luke's "Scarred," the leadoff track from the former 2 Live Crew leader's Uncle Luke album. The song became a sizable hit, and listeners were drawn to Trick Daddy Dollars' remarkably fluid and quick flow. Among those drawn to him was Ted Lucas, a former concert promoter who signed the rapper to his newly formed Slip-n-Slide Records. The debut Trick Daddy Dollars album, Based on a True Story, came soon after, released on May 24, 1997. Before Trick Daddy was signed and subsequently released his debut album, his brother, Hollywood, was murdered, having been shot 100+ times, and Trick speaks about his brother on his first album. The album sold well for an independent release, eventually going Gold mainly thanks to some regional hits it produced, but the album failed to impress enough people outside of the Miami area to progress sales any further.

A year later though everything changed, with the release of his "www.thug.com" album on August 13, 1998. Trick Daddy dropped the "Dollars" part from his name and scored himself a breakout hit with the albums single "Nann Nigga," a club-banger that pitted him against a female nemesis, which was the then-unknown rapper Trina. In the song Trina plays the part of Nann Nigga's love (or lust) interest. The song was among the most widely-played rap music songs of 1999 and 2000. The song is about Trick Daddy boasting that no one can do anything like him. The hit spread throughout the South and even trickled out into the Midwest and Southwest, so much so that Atlantic Records took interest and signed Trick Daddy to a record deal. The album managed to peak at number thirty on the Billboard 200, the fifth highest peak of any Trick Daddy album and on July 2, 1999, less than a year after its release, it was certified as Gold.

Trick Daddy's first Atlantic album release was "Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47", released on February 15, 2000. The album fulfilled its promise and set the stage for Trick's eventual commercial breakthrough. Driven by "Shut Up," a rowdy club hit similar to his previous single "Nann Nigga", and again the track featured Trina. Book of Thugs again reached Gold status and extended Trick Daddy's reputation from coast to coast, establishing him as one of the Dirty South's more promising talents.

The big payoff came a year later as Trick Daddy dropped his "Thugs Are Us" album on March 20, 2001. This is the album that catapulted Trick Daddy right alongside the likes of Ludacris and Mystikal as one of the few nationally respected Dirty South rappers, as it catapulted him onto the playlist of every urban radio station in the US aswell as MTV. The album was Trick's biggest selling up to this pint in his career as it went Platinum, with the help of the singles "Take It to da House", and "I'm a Thug". In particular, the single "I'm a Thug," which is Trick Daddy's biggest hit yet, and more importantly, his most accessible. Trick Daddy earned mainstream airplay and as a result climbed the Billboard ablums and singles charts.

Trick Daddy is not one to slack on the job, and he proved this as he released "Thug Holiday" on August 6, 2002, his fifth album in six years dropping only a year after his previous album "Thugs Are Us". Thug Holiday's lead single, "In da Wind," is arguably Trick Daddy's most inventive work yet and helped the album reach Gold status.

Two years later on October 26, 2004 Trick released his sixth album "Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets". The album featured an impresive roster of featuring artists and producers alike, including T.I., Young Jeezy, Twista, Ludacris & Lil Jon. The albums hit single "Let's Go," is a Lil Jon production notable for its heavy sampling of Ozzy Osbourne's classic "Crazy Train". This single and the impressive artist roster alongside the quality of the album throughout helped the album to go Platinum and be Trick Daddy's first #1 album in the charts. The song "Sugar (Gimme Some)" was also released as a single from the album and has a remix with a verse from Lil' Kim. The music video for "Sugar" features Lil' Kim & Cee-Lo, but Ludacris and his verse from the song are absent. The albums "Lets Go" track as used in the trailers for Stomp The Yard.

Trick Daddy returned to the street sound that made him famous with his 7th album "Back by Thug Demand", seen by many as a more traditional Trick Daddy album. The album was released on December 19, 2006 under Atlantic/Slip-N-Slide Records and again boasted an impressive roster of featuring artists including Chamillionaire, Trey Songz, 8 Ball, Young Buck, Webbie, Jaheim, Notorious B.I.G., Trina, Baby (Birdman) and others. Trcik Daddy originally penned "Book of Thugs: Part II" as the title name for the album but decided to change it just before its release. The first single for the album is "Bet That" which features fellow Dirty South rapper Chamillionaire and also Gold Rush, with production coming from The Runners. The second single was planned to be "Straight Up" featuring Young Buck, but it was changed to "Tuck Ya Ice" featuring Baby. The album leaked onto many internet sites on 14th December 2006, just days before its release.

2007 brought mixed news from the Trick Daddy camp. Strong rumours were flying around the net suggesting Trick Daddy was signing with G-Unit Records or The Inc. South. Shortly after those rumours started he was arrested after getting into a fight at a Miami strip club. The Pensacola News Journal reported that Trick Daddy was arrested at approximately 1am for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. The incident occurred at Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami, FL and authorities and eyewitnesses said that Trick smelled of alcohol and was found using profane language while threatening the strip club's staff. When Trick Daddy refused to leave the scene after several requests from the police, authorities reportedly tried to handcuff him, and at this point the incident turned decidedly worse.

Trick Daddy's mugshot (click here to view it) shows a slightly bloodied nose and cheek, but reports did not indicate if the injuries came during the brawl or Trick's subsequent arrest. After being treated for his injuries, Trick posted bond of $1,500 and was released. Reports did not indicate if Trick Daddy had legal representation and neither Tootsie's Cabaret or Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records made any public statements regarding the incident.

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