ARTIST(s):      Twista feat. R. Kelly
SONG TITLE:   Love Rehab
ALBUM:            Adrenaline Rush 2007
[Intro: R. Kelly] + (Twista)
(Kell's and Twist') Uhh...
Girl it ain't no other way to describe you
Your momma raised you right
Yeah, I like that, it's like
[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Sittin here in love rehab, I'm so crazy about you dear
Doctor of my soul, I will never check out of here
Filled my prescription when I came to you and needed peace
You took me in and gave me joy and girl now I'm free
You are my circle, when I needed to talk you had my back (uhh)
You my homie we go back (uhh) thank you for the love rehab (uhh, uhh)
Doin bad, ain't nobody in my life
I'ma kill a nigga or somebody gon' murder me soon
I'm a hope fiend, I need a woman in my life
Could you take me to the emergency room?
I need somebody that can nurse me back to health
cause I'm out here lovesick, shakin like Pookie
You took me up outta the hoopty
Put me in the Lex 300 and got me blowin on dookie
Now why do I respect ya, cause she down for a nigga 
before I was rollin city to city
She got me screamin out yessir, like I'm Pretty Ricky 
lookin freaky freaky while I'm smokin the sticky-icky
When I'm down and out, you be rubbin my back 
because I miss you, you know I got issues
When I'm ridin dirty and I got the thumper
and the law pull me over you will hold my pistol
Sick of how the women harm on me, you charmin me 
in the pharmacy of love, body be right I wanna hit you
You like a veteran when I need some medicine
You better than Exederin, fellas in trouble that wanna get you
I thought I knew what real love was 'til I met you
I'm reminiscin on the love we had
I'ma stay sick forever hope I never get well
cause you got me in a love rehab
[R. Kelly]
So many problems, so many people, so many decisions
So many roads that I have to choose (yeah)
But still I'll roll the dice and pray that I don't lose
There were times that I got weak, fell short
I couldn't go on and, she came through
So many friends, so many liars, so many haters
Sometimes I just don't know who to trust
But yet and still I turn the wheel of life and try my luck
There was a time when I was broke, didn't have a job
And this woman, she showed me love
Ohh, since we first met, I've risin like an escalator
Now five years later, we have come up like an elevator
You made me better babe, when I thought I was goin crazy
I was just about to lose my mind, then you put me in your love rehab
If I hit it I'ma spit that love flow
Forget what they all say
She the only one that helped me
Hit her with a little bit of "12 Play"
When the Twista wasn't proper sippin Vodka
I could remember tellin the love doctor I need some help
Through the fire like I'm shocker, love it every time I rock her
Cock a pistol when I think I bleed to death
My surgeon, and my methodome
The only one I talk to when I'm left alone
You the one that helped me fight through my challenges
Tell me what's my psychoanalysis
I thought I knew what real love was 'til I met you
I'm reminiscin on the love we had
I'ma stay sick forever hope I never get well
cause you got me in a love rehab
[Outro: Twista]
Uhh, Kell's and Twist'
Gotta let her know that she the only reason we make it through sometime
That's why we (sittin here in love rehab)