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Vida Guerra

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The Latin model, Vida Guerra, was born in Havana, Cuba on March 19, 1980. When she was just six years old, her family moved to the town of Perth Amboy in New Jersey. Having spent the first six years of her life in Cuba and the rest in the United States, Guerra is fluent in both Spanish and in English.

Vida Guerra quickly adapted to life in a new country thanks to her outgoing personality, which persists to this day. Nonetheless, she received relentless attention and teasing regarding her body when she was growing up. Vida Guerra has maintained her figure and beauty very well.

"I used to get teased all the time in grade school because I was this really skinny girl, but my butt was huge," she says. "I would always be in the principal's office because someone had grabbed my butt and made me cry."

As she grew older, however, Guerra began to appreciate her special assets as she came into her own and others started to take notice. When she was 18, she became involved in both dance and modeling, even participating in G-string fashion shows in her hometown.

"A lot of men out there don't want a girl who's all skinny. They want a voluptuous woman," she says. "My curves – particularly my butt – are what I get complimented on the most."

Making it Big
Guerra's first appearance on the Hollywood scene occurred when she appeared in the Big Pun video for the song "New York to New Orleans." In the video, she sat next to the rapper, who is now deceased, as she moved to the beat of the music. The video did not, however, receive much airplay. Consequently, Guerra continued to remain virtually unnoticed.

After the video, Vida Guerra received a job as a loan officer, but she never gave up on her dream to become a model. She decided to take an ex-boyfriend's advice and send a picture of herself to the men's magazine, FHM, which was having a "Honey Next Door" contest. As part of this contest, the magazine was looking for pictures of "everyday" women posing in lingerie.

FHM was pleased with the photos they received of Guerra and published them in their December 2002 issue. Immediately afterward, readers flooded the magazine with requests to see more of Guerra – particularly her bottom. In fact, some report that an amazing 70% of the reader mail that month was in regard to Guerra – a phenomena that has never occurred before with the magazine. Knowing a good thing when they have it, FHM called Guerra and asked her to professionally pose for the magazine. As a result, Guerra appeared scantily clad in the March and May 2003 issues of the magazine. In 2004, she also won FHM's "Model of Year" award and was later named number 26 of the 100 sexiest women alive by the magazine.

The FHM appearances thrust Guerra into the limelight. Naturally Smooth, a St. Louis rap group, recruited her to pose for their album cover after seeing her FHM layout. The Chappelle's Show on Comedy Central also asked her to dance on the show. In addition, she appeared in the video "Shake Ya Tailfeather" along with P. Diddy, Nelly, and Murphy Lee. The rap song went on to be a huge hit in the summer of 2003 and was included in the soundtrack of the movie Bad Boys 2. To top of the year, Guerra received FHM's "Rear of the Year" award and was cast in the comedy short, Writer's Block, as a muse.

Vida Guerra has also posed for two calendars. One calendar was created for the troops in the Middle East, while the other was for FHM. Other videos she can be seen in include "Get No Better" by Cassidy and "Workout Plan" by Kanye West. She has also been seen in a number of magazines besides FHM, including Maxim, Open Your Eyes, Smooth, Escape, and DUB. In addition, she has been cast in multiple Spanish language television shows, such as El Gordo y La Flaca ("The Fat Male and the Skinny Female)." Burger King's Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial also features Guerra.

In February 2006, Guerra was recognized as one of the Internet's most searched names, putting her in the company of such famous beauties as Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson. In fact, the search engine, Yahoo, has reported that Guerra has remained in the top 300 searches for nearly a year. A photo taken and distributed of Guerra at a movie premiere in early February only served to push the Internet search requests higher. In fact, the jumped up 88% more for a week, with 90% of the searches being performed by men. Other popular Guerra related searches that spiked the week following the premiere include "Vida Guerra Pics," which jumped up 113%, "Vida Guerra Video," which went up 51%, and "Vida Guerra Wallpaper," which climbed up an additional 56% that week.

Guerra also appears in the movie National Lampoon Presents: Dorm Daze II, which is to be released later this year. Shooting the movie was a learning experience for Guerra. "In the movie, my character is on Semester at Sea. She's a virgin who starts an abstinence group. But I also have a boyfriend and I'm debating whether I should have sex with him," she says. "The first time I met the guy who was going to be my boyfriend, the director introduced us and was like, ‘Well, let's start doing the scene.' And we had to do a kiss in the scene. I was like, ‘Oh God, are you serious?' But we had to do it."

The Personal Side
Guerra has also garnered attention from her personal life. At the opening of Jay-Z's New York nightclub, she appeared on the arm of Jeremy Shockey, the tight end from the New York Giants. The relationship, however, was short lived. Yet, this 5'3" girl with the 35C-25-37 measurements doesn't let stardom change who she really is. Still living in New Jersey, along with her dog Cocoa, Guerra spends much of her time at the gym.

"I go to the gym three to four times a week, try to eat healthy when I can and drink a lot of water," she says. "It really sucks to exercise, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do."

Despite her busy career and exercise regimen, Guerra also finds time to help others. In 2005, she participated in a charity softball game in Las Vegas. Her ball was caught on the fly after her first hit, but she bunted on the advice of Gary Sheffield on the next hit. She made it to base, stole second, and ultimately scored for the team, which won 20 to 9.

Vida Guerra's heart also goes out to the troops, and it gives her a great deal of satisfaction to help them in any small way she can – even if it is just in the form of her picture. "I was in Hawaii for the holidays and I ran into a lot of troops there who were about to go to Afghanistan," she says. "They would see me on the street and stop me to say things like how everyone at the base has my picture up. Or that they have my picture in their tank. I love meeting the troops."


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