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WERD OF MOUF! is RapCentral's very own Rap Dictionary. A huge collection of rap and Hip-Hop words and slang, with the clear meaning of each slang term. Look up the meaning of the words used in lyrics here, in the ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

WERD OF MOUF! is RapCentral's very own Rap Dictionary. A huge collection of rap and Hip-Hop words and slang, with the clear meaning of each slang term. Look up the meaning of the words used in lyrics here, in the ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

Select A Starting Letter For Slang Terms
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1) (n) Anything that starts with a G - God, Gangsta, Girl, Guy. As in "Whatup, G?".
-- "I pass his casket gently askin, is there heaven for G's? (E.g..... is there heaven for Gangsta's?)" -- 2Pac (White Man'z World [1996]).
2) (v) To have sexual intercourse. E.g. Sir Mix-a-Lot's self titled EP has a song called "Let's G".
3) (n) Money, from Grands or thousands, for example a hundred G's equals $100,000.
-- "My nerves is wrecked, heart beatin and my hands is swollen, thinkin of the G's I'll be holdin, picture me rollin" -- 2Pac (Picture Me Rollin' [1995]).

G'd up
(adv) Dressed to kill, like a bawla.
-- "Im a gangsta ya find out fo sho if u eva step on my toes I stay G'd Up, when im hanigin' out tha window wit that AK fillin ya punk ass wit holes" -- G-Unit (G'd Up [2003]).

(n) Gangsta funk. Dr Dre's album The Chronic has been credited over time as the album that brought g-funk to the mainstream, and therefore made Dr Dre the father of g-funk. For more on the G-Funk sound and The Chronic album by Dr Dre visit our 'Dr Dre: The Chronic Info Page' by clicking here. Other G-Funk Examples include: Snoop Doggy Dogg, Warren G & Nate Dogg.

(n) To harass. Especially being "gaffled" by the police.

(adj) Past tense of "to gaffle". The state of being messed up; a misfortunate condition.

1) (v) Wooing.
-- "Cause I'm gamin' on a female that's gamin' on me" -- N.W.A. (I ain't the one [1988]).
2) (v) In the game, whatever the game might be. A game is some way to make money or advance oneself, or just a game.
-- "Can't explain, just what attracts me to this dirty game, Gold chains, some extra change, and the street fame" -- 2Pac (My Block - Remix [2002]).
3) (adv) To be game, do be down with.

(n) Group of organised criminals. The main gangs in Northern California are (in random order): 1. Bloods 2. Crips 3. Surenos 4. Norte

1) (v) To commit crimes in a gang.
-- "Nigga quit Crip-Walking if ya ain't a gang banger" -- Snoop Dogg (W.C. - The Streets)
-- "Homies all standin around, just hangin, Some dope-dealin, some gang-bangin" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta Gangsta [1988]).
2) (v) To to have sex in groups.

1) (n) A gangster or criminal.
2) (adj) In the way of a gangster.
3) (adj) A style of rap that evolved in South Central, Los Angeles.

gangsta lean
1) (n) The way a person drives where they lean over to the passenger seat and get really low.
-- "Digging the scene with a gangsta lean" -- N.W.A. (Gangsta, gangsta [1988]).
2) (n) The heaven where gangsters end up, when a homie dies, you pour out a little liquor or lean the bottle over to spill liquor.
-- "This is for my homies kickin' it in the Gangsta Lean" -- DRS (Gangsta Lean [1992]).

(n) See marijuana.
-- "I'll share with you my herb I'm about to choke, off ganja" -- Krayzie Bone (Smoke & Burn [1999]).

(v) Same as skank, ie. to hurt, steal from, or diss in some way.
-- "I guess that's what I get, for trying to gank the little homies for their grip" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto boy [1992]).

1) (n) To show someone a sign of disrespect.
2) (n) Make stupid face towards someone you don't like.
-- "The same people that got gasfaced last year" -- 3rd Bass (No master plan, no master race [1991])

1) (n) Refers to any gun. It originates from Gattling, the name of the man who invented the machine gun (the Gattling gun).
-- "Better have a bat or a gat to defeat me" -- 2Pac (Static [1989/90])
2) (n) A Hip-Hop Clothing Company.
3) (v) To shoot someone.
-- "What now: gotta duck, they're gonna gatt me" -- Cypress Hill (Lick A Shot)

gauge / 12 gauge
(n) A shotgun, also referred to as a "12 gauge" shotgun.
-- "I'm ready to bang bang bang aim the 12 gauge pump let my lead go" -- Bone Thugs n Harmony (It's All Real [1997]).

George Clinton
(n) One of the most sampled men alive, creator of the P-Funk (for more info on P-funk, and G-Funk music, see our section dedicated to Dr Dre's groundbreaking G-Funk album, The Chroinc).

get burned
(v) To catch a sexually transmitted disease. Specifically refers to the burning sensation caused by gonorrhoea when urinating.
-- "Stay in the microwave too long you'll get burned" -- Kool Moe Dee (Go see the doctor).

get busy
1) (v) Have sex.
2) (v) To eat.
-- "Ya mama is so big and fat that she can get busy with 22 burritoes, but times are rough, I seen her in the back'a taco bell with handcuffs" -- Pharcyde (Ya Mama)

get/give head/skull
(v) Receive/give fellatio.

get/give props
(v) See props.

ghetto bird
(n) Police helicopter.
-- "Motherfuck you and your punk ass ghetto bird." -- Ice Cube (Ghetto Bird [1993]).
-- "Watching the ghetto bird helicopters, I observe, So many niggaz getting three strikes, tossed in jail" -- 2Pac / Makaveli (To Live & Die In L.A. [1996]).

ghetto sled
(n) car, usually American made, that generally sports a rusted body covered with house paint. Synonym of hooptie.

(n) Out of here/gone/to dissapear: "I'm ghost".
-- "Every step could be death 'til you blast, And be the last nigga left, then I'll be ghost" -- 2Pac / Tupac (Ghost [2003]).

gift of gab
(n) The ability to talk anyone into anything.
-- "young G's with a gift of gab" -- 2Pac / Tupac (Thug Style [1997]).

(n) Austrian manufacturer of handguns. People usually mean the 9mm glock, which can hold up to 20 rounds, plus one in the chamber. With an extended clip they can hold up to 33 rounds. Most of the Glock is made of steel, but it is wrapped in a plastic cover, giving the gun a futuristic feel to it.
-- "believe i got somethin for ya, in the holsta, In the bushes cocked, up on the porch i got a gauge and glock" -- Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (Gun Blast [2007]).
-- "I see bodies gettin splashed with acid, Two shots rang from the plastic glock, Wrapped in plastic" -- 2Pac / Tupac (Ghetto Star [2002]).

(n) Material made into jackets and other clothing. Also made into high durability boots.
-- "Bow to the group in the boots" -- Sir Mix-a-lot (Gortex [1989]).

government cheese
(n) On welfare.
-- "Sellin dope, you know how it beez, Tryin to get that government cheese" -- Dead Prez (Sellin D.O.P.E. [2002]).

(n) See marijuana.
-- "But I smoke 'em like grass, just like Cheech and Chong" -- Dr. Dre (Keep Their Heads Ringin' [1995]).

1) (n) To "guard your grill" would be to protect yourself, grill stands for your teeth, protect your teeth/face from getting punched.
2) (n) Grillz, or grills are metal or jewelry worn over the whole of the teeth, covering all the teeth, and all of the tooth itself. These can be temporary or 'permanent' and are more popular with Southern based rappers of late, such as Chamillionaire, Paul Wall and Lil' Flip.
-- "Ever since 1999, I had diamonds in my grill, You just rapping that ain't platinum, homie you need to chill" -- Lil' Flip (Chamillionaire - From the South [Remix]).
3) (n) Front of a car.

1) (n) Ability on the microphone.
2) (n) Gun.
3) (n) Money.
-- "I guess that's what I get, for trying to gank the little homies for their grip" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' ghetto boy [1992]).

(n) Ford Mustang GT, also known as the "five-point-oh" for it's 5.0L V-8 engine.

(n) Grand theft auto, legalese for stealing a car.
-- "It's all about makin' that GTA" -- Eazy-E (Boyz in the hood [1989]).

(n) Irish brand of beer.
-- "Damn, they wanna label me a menace cuz I'm sittin' here sippin' on Guiness" -- 2Pac (Fuck The World [1995]).


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