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WERD OF MOUF! is RapCentral's very own Rap Dictionary. A huge collection of rap and Hip-Hop words and slang, with the clear meaning of each slang term. Look up the meaning of the words used in lyrics here, in the ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

WERD OF MOUF! is RapCentral's very own Rap Dictionary. A huge collection of rap and Hip-Hop words and slang, with the clear meaning of each slang term. Look up the meaning of the words used in lyrics here, in the ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

Select A Starting Letter For Slang Terms
Y Z #

1) (n) Partner, friend.
2) (n) Pussy.
-- "The P is free" -- BDP (The P is free)
3) (n) Posse.

(n) Music of the George Clinton time period. Parliament Funkadelic was a group in that era and it included such artists as George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. Dr Dre's album 1992 The Chronic the genre now known as G-funk (or Gangsta Funk) to the mainstream. G-Funk is simply a genre defined by slow hypnotic grooves, a deep bass, the extensive sampling of P-funk tunes, a high portamento sine wave keyboard lead (a feature that became the genre’s notable trademark), and a laid-back lyrical delivery referred to as a "lazy drawl".

(n) Paterson.

(n) Public Enemy.

P.O.D. / P.O.D.'ded
1) (n) Paid on delivery.
2) (n) Passed over-dosed; a deceased person due to an drug over-dose, or P.O.D. / P.O.D.'ded means to get extremely "high" from drugs or alcohol. A phrase used frequently by Hip Hop group Bone Thugs n Harmony.
-- "This mornin' I was in my bed, Bangin' and ringin' inside my head, I wanted to make love to you baby, but last night I got P-O-Ded instead" -- Bone Thugs N Harmony (Weed Song [2000]).
-- "Little Lay, giving you what you need. Nothing but the best green leaves with a pocket full of cheese, getting P.O.D." -- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (P.O.D. [1998]).

(n) Park Side Killers, Philadelphia gang of which Schoolly D. used to be a member.
-- "P.S.K., we're makin' that green" -- Schoolly D. (P.S.K. (what does it mean?)).

(n) Port Arthur, Texas. Referred to throughout UGK and Point Blank albums.

(n) House, home, place where you live.
-- "It's like that and its like this I took her to the pad and we started to kiss..." -- Eazy-E (Gimme that nutt [1993]).

(n) Gun.
-- "Say why ya creep without a muthaphuckin paddle" -- Lady or Rage (Lyrical Gangbang [1992]).

(v) Hydraulics maneuver where a car goes from all wheels high to all wheels low.
-- "Pancake, front-to-back, side-to-side, and all that shit" -- Dr. Dre (Let me ride [1992]).

(n) Money.
-- "...and we're getting papers, three months later we run our own caper" -- Boogie Down Productions (Love's gonna getcha [1990]).

(v) West coast slang for partying or having a good time. Comes from the French word "parler", which means talking.

Pat Duke
1) (n) Patty Duke, an old sitcom television show.
-- "On the stoop doing the Pat Duke" -- Ol' Dirty Bastard (Don't you know [1994]). 2) (n) A popular dance style from the late 80's.

1) (n) That's what rap is all about for all you mentally challenged.
2) (interj) Farewell bidding.

(n) Derogatory term for a white person.

(n) What comes off when peeling a cap (shooting someone, see below).
-- "The bigger the cap, the bigger the peelin'" -- Ice Cube (Steady mobbin' [1991])
Note that Cube is paraphrasing a Parliament line, where GC says "The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill", but the way he says it, "pill" comes out sounding like "peel".

peeling caps
(v) Killing someone by shooting him, shots to the head often disfigure it in such a way that the cranium is "peeled back".
-- "One wrong move and your cap's peeled" -- Ice T. (O.G. original gangster).

(v) Check this out (as in peep this).

(n) People / friends.
-- "Trying to maintain, I flip, fill the clip to the tip, Picturin my peeps, now the income make my heartbeat skip" -- Nas (The world is yours [1994]).

(n) Penitentiary, jail.
-- "To all of my peoples in the pens, keep ya head up" -- Lost Boyz (Lex Coupes, Beamaz and Benz's).

(n) Police

(v) To beat someone up. E.g. "I'm ready to pep ya".

1) (adj) Rich like butter, really good, extremely well put together.
2) (adj) If a girl was phat, she had Plenty of Hips And Thighs, in other words she would be (PH)ysically (AT)tractive; old slang. Think 60's or early 70's here. A bit more modern: (P)ussy, (H)ips (A)nd (T)its or even (P)retty (H)ot (A)nd (T)empting.

phat pocket
(n) A person who has a lot of money

(n) Philadelphia. Home of the likes of artists Schoolly D., Beanie Sigel, The Fresh Prince, and The Roots.
-- "This Philly cat back on a mission, out the kitchen, Back at it, playing with blackmatics" -- Beanie Sigel (Get Down [2001]).

(n) Vagina.

1) (n) A firearm.
-- "With my vest on my chest, my tools and my piece, Thug Life motherfucker gotta me runnin' from the police" -- 2Pac feat Dramacydal, Notorious B.I.G., Stretch (Runnin').
2) (n) A work of graffiti art (short for masterpiece).
3) (n) Sexual intercourse. "I'm gonna go get me a piece."

(n) Police officer. "pig" as a synonym for policeman" has been around for about two hundred years (according to "Partridge's Concise Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English"). It did, however, disappear in the late nineteenth century (or, as the dictionary says "go underground") and reappear in common usage around 1960. During Prohibition speak-easies who had bribed the local police to not bother them were called "blind pigs" (The Blind Pig bar here in Ann Arbor actually used to be such a place).

1) (n) Boss of prostitutes.
-- "I know sex sells but I'm a tell you though, Couldn't spend on shit that ain't valuable, Fucked all night woke up the next mornin', Told her I'm a pimp but the bitch kept on" -- Snoop Dogg feat. Too $hort (You Thought [1996])
2) (v) To be a ladies man.

(n) The Projects.

(n) Dreadlocks.

1) (v) To go along with.
2) (v) To fool.
-- "You can't buy no relationship. You played yourself." -- Ice-T (You played yourself).
3) (n) Action.

play ball
(v) To play basketball.
-- "Got a pair that I wear when I'm playin' ball" -- RUN-DMC (My Adidas).

play yourself
(v) To reveal a weakness, as in poker when you played your cards too early.
-- "No friends 'cause you dissed 'em too, no money, no crew, you're through. You played yourself" -- Ice T. (You played yourself)

played out
(n) Old.

1) (n) Someone who is "true to the game", ie. someone who never sold out.
-- "To Chuck, Flava and Griff... You're true players" -- Ice-T (M.V.P.'s).
-- "I'm smokin bomb-ass weed feelin crucial, From player to player, the game's tight, the feeling's mutual" -- 2Pac (Ambitionz Az A Ridah [1996])
2) (n) A kind of playboy, so a player is good at picking up honeys.
3) (n) "Players" is a black-oriented adult men's magazine.

player hater
(n) One who despises or speaks ill of another because he does not have any game of his own.
-- "What the fuck is mine, My nigga I'll take it, Grab a player hater by the neck, choke him out and try to break it" -- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (2 Glocks [2000])

player's ball
(n) A party for players.
-- "When the player's ball is happenin, all day every day" -- OutKast (Player's Ball [1993])

1) (n) Police officer, parole officer or probation officer.
-- "you know my flow, you know my stilo, even pack my gat when I go to see my PO" -- Mobb Deep (Give Up The Goods (Just Step) [1995]).
2) (adj) Piece out.
3) (v) Pissed off, angry.

(n) The police, from Oakland Police Department.
-- "Niggas is paranoid, trust a no no, love is a mystery, Fuck tha po po" -- 2Pac (Holla At Me [1996]).

point blank
1) (adj) At close range.
-- "With my niggaz and my guns not givin a fuck, Stickin 'em up at point blank range, They say the more things change, they stayin the same, I can't complain" -- Xzibit (Front 2 Back [2000]).
2) (adj) Right now, right here, in your face. Used when someone is trying to prove a point or something.

Poly Apartments
(n) An apartment project at the west side of Long Beach. Was home for artists like the Twinz and Warren G:
-- "Poly Apartments for tha niggaz that ain't from the LB" -- The Twinz (Good Times [1995]).

(v) To shoot someone.
-- "I put this pistol in your mouth, now what you gon' do? Top of the line, first class, I pop a cap in yo' ass, then pop some more in the glass" -- Snoop Dogg (Ghetto Symphony [1999]).

popping collars
(v) To really show off and signify their importance to others, people pop the collar of their shirt.
-- "Nigga I'm universal crackin Down South (ya heard?), Poppin my collar with my dick in your girl's mouth" -- Xzibit feat. Snoop Dogg (D.N.A - Drugs-N-Alkahol [2000])

(n) A group of people you hang out with. This doesn't necessarily mean a gang.
-- "Who the hell can you get to stop me? I'm in the projects, parlaying with my posse." -- 2Pac (Str8 Ballin [1994])

(n) See marijuana.
-- "Must have been drinking, 'cause this ain't pot" -- Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth (Mary Jane [1993]).

(n) Term to address a person, compare partner.
-- "What's now up potna" -- Menace 2 Society.

power U
(n) Vagina.
-- "On top of that you got the good power U" -- Method Man (All I need [1994]).

1) (n) A joint laced with crack, west coast term. The east coast equivalent is "turbo". See also marijuana.
2) (n) Friend.
3) (n) Nickname for DJ Premier.

Private Stock
(n) A brand of malt liquor.

project gold
(n) Huge gold hoop earrings.

(n) An abbreviation of "propers" or proper respects. At an award ceremony the winner may give "props" to the people they wish to "thank": "And I would like to give props to...".
-- "Smoke some nice sess in the West, y'all niggaz is a mess, Thinkin I'm gon stop, givin L.A. props" -- Notorious B.I.G. (Going Back To Cali [1997]).

(n) Wine that inmates make in prison.
-- "I been it down from day uno, baby bottle full of pruno" -- E-40 feat. B-Legit (Doin' Dirt Bad)

1) (n) Dupe. Check out 70's basketball commentary. Dr J and especially Nate Archibald used to do dribbling moves to psych out opponents. Psych as in psychological head trips they threw.
2) (interj) I duped you.

puff lye
(v) To smoke a medicinal herb, i.e. marijuana.
-- "Life's a bitch and then you die, that's why we puff lye" -- Nas (Life's A Bitch [1994])

1) (n) Pump of a pump-action shotgun.
-- "Thuggin' with me killas, need us a liter of liquor, but niggas ain't got shit, but a sawed-off pump, chrome .38 pistol, now who ready to get back" -- Notorious B.I.G. feat. Bone Thugs (Notorious Thugs [1997])
2) (n) To play music loud.

1) (n) Vagina.
-- "I'm trickin' buying Vickey Secret just to cover her punani hair" -- Timbaland feat. 1 Life 2 Live, Lil' Man (Can't Nobody)
2) (n) Sex, this is used more commonly.
-- "You see I'm tryin to get the punani but you just wanna rock me" -- Common Sense (Breaker 1/9)
3) (n) A Jamaican dance, the art of moving your stomach and behind on the dancefloor.

1) (n) A person related to the Punk movement or the Punk music.
2) (n) A stupid, usually irritating person.
-- "Thug Luv nigga, we can do this like punks and punk it, out or be like gangstas and slug it out" -- Bone Thugs feat. 2Pac (Thug Luv [1997]).

1) (n) Vagina.
-- "I gots to get mo' money, mo' money, Can't get pussy with no money" -- Ice Cube (Trespass [1993]).
2) (n) A weak, scared person.
-- "I'm a king - you pussy niggaz couldn't see me in your dreams" -- T.I. (Im a King [2005]).

1) (n) Prostitute.
2) (n) Asshole.
-- "How you like me now, puto" -- Cypress Hill (Locotes).


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