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WERD OF MOUF! is RapCentral's very own Rap Dictionary. A huge collection of rap and Hip-Hop words and slang, with the clear meaning of each slang term. Look up the meaning of the words used in lyrics here, in the ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

WERD OF MOUF! is RapCentral's very own Rap Dictionary. A huge collection of rap and Hip-Hop words and slang, with the clear meaning of each slang term. Look up the meaning of the words used in lyrics here, in the ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

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(n) Toronto.

1) (n) A persons graffiti nickname.
2) (v) The act of writing graffiti on an object (tagging up).

(n) A brand of distilled English Gin, used to make cocktail drinks. It was recently popularized by several rap and also by a very creative advertising campaign in the US, featuring and elderly white man named Mr. Jenkins: "Mr. Jenkins doesn't understand all the Hip-hop lyrics at his friend's record release party, but he understands gin and juice very clearly." is the line that was used.
-- "It ain't easy, that's my motto, Drinkin Tanqueray straight out the bottle" -- 2Pac (It Aitn Easy / Me Against The World [1995]).

(n) A fly honey.

1) (v) To rob.
-- "Stick up kids are out to tax" -- Gangstarr (Just to get a rep).
2) (v) To take away something after you kick a sucka's ass.
-- "and Ima tax that ass like the government" -- BDK (Pimpin ain't easy).
3) (v) To dig into or estimate, E.g. "I'm gonna tax that ass."

Tec 9
(n) A 9mm semiautomatic or fully automatic gun made by Infratec.
-- "Keepin murder on my mind and my tec-9, I got nothin to lose, payin dues, nigga you wanna die?" -- 2Pac feat. Dramacydal (Cradle To The Grave / ThugLife [1994]).

thai stick
(n) See marijuana.

(n) Thing; "your own thang": your own way.

The (island of) Shao-Lin
(n) Staten Island, a New York borough. Home of the Wu-Tang clan

The Boogie Bang / The Boogie Down
(n) See Bronx. King Sun mentions it in one of his EPs.

The Boogie Down
(n) The Bronx. The king of New York!
-- "Lays his crown in the Boogie Down, And sprays the town, with a Mac hoodied down" -- Big Punisher (The Dream Shatterer / Capital Punishment [1998]).

The Bridge
(n) See Queensbridge.

The Burgh
(n) Pittsburgh, PA.

The Get Low
(n) San Francisco. JT the Bigga Figga's group is call GLP: Get Low Players.

(n) Tommy gun.

three-wheel motion
(n) Ride upon three wheels with a low rider car. You can see it in videos for "Ain't nuthin but a G thang" and Today was a good day" [1993]. One of the back corners of the car is really close to the ground and the opposite corner is picked up off the road.
-- "Shit don't stop, cuz i can make that ass drop, make the front pop, And Hit the three wheel motion, All Day, Hit the freeway, take it easy" -- 2Pac (Stay True / ThugLife [1994]).

(n) Drunk or high to the point of almost being unconscious.

1) (n) A non-complex piece of graffiti usually involving only two colors.
2) (n) To tag your graffiti on something. E.g. "Watch my back as I throw up this tag".

(n) Someone who does not have anything but himself.
-- "living life thug style - so I can't smile" -- Makaveli / 2pac (To live and die in L.A. / 7 Day Theory [1996]).

THUG LIFE is many things within Hip Hop, mainly focusing around the life and works of Tupac Shakur. It is the name of a group made popular by 2pac, and it is also an acronym, lifestyle, and code of rules made famous by legendary rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur (2Pac / Makaveli). Tupac even had the words "THUG LIFE" famously tattooed across his belly with a bullet in-between.

1) Thug Life is the opposite of someone having all they need to succeed in life. Thug life is when you have nothing, and yet still succeed, when you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aims.
2) Title of a hip hop group, artists included Tupac Shakur (2Pac), Mopreme Shakur, Rated R, Big Syke, and Macadoshis. They signed with Interscope Records and recorded an LP titled Thug Life Volume 1. It was so hardcore and underground that Interscope at first didn't want it released, but they later changed their mind and the album went Gold. On November 30 1994, Tupac was robbed and shot 5 times at Quad Recording Studios in New York. The next day he was arrested, and was later was found guilty and was sent to prison. On October 12, Death Row Records, Interscope and Time Warner paid a $1.4M bail to have Tupac released. In return Tupac had to sign a 3 album deal with Death Row Records. After all this, the group broke up. Tupac is known to have dropped his 'ThugLife' persona whilst incarcerated. Big Syke signed to Tupac's own Makaveli Records and he and Tupac were planning to record a second Thug Life volume, but on September 7, 1996, Tupac was fatally shot four times in a drive-by-shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.
3) An acronym popularized by the late tupac shakur.
-- The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody.
4) The Codes Of Thug Life where a set of codes written by rap artist Tupac Amaru Shakur (2Pac). The codes where designed to give order to the rise of gang violence and drug dealing. It made certain immoral actions, against the code which, would become a code of the street. These codes where signed by heads from the Bloods and Crips at a peace treaty picnic called the Truc Picnic, in California in 1992. The code had rules that forbidded gangs from selling drugs to children, or having children sell drugs for them, no selling drugs to pregnant women, the coee had a no snitching rule, called for senseless brutality and rape to stop, and also asked gang members and thugs to know their target and know who’s the real enemy, so civilians are not a target and should be 'spared'.

(v) To engage in a fistfight.
-- "Remember they used to thump, but now they blast, right?" -- Dr. Dre (Lil' Ghetto Boy [1992]).

(n) See marijuana.
-- "Now open that high shit, I be choking, What's that shit that they be smoking, Tical" -- Funkmaster Flex feat. Method Man & Redman (Freestyle).

1) (adj) A state of mind, feeling really good at the moment. Straight, legitimate, all-good.
2) (adj) Cool, dope, fresh.

(n) Clothing of the brand "Timberland", a popular hip-hop choice.
-- "it dont make sense going to heaven with the goodie goodies, dressed in white, i like black timbs and black hoodies" -- Notorious B.I.G. feat. Bob Marley (Hold Ya Head [2005])

1) (n) Penis (Get off my tip).
2) (n) Q-Tip from a Tribe Called Quest
3) (n) The end, the fullest.

Tipper Gore
(n) Tipper, the wife of vice-president Al Gore, has become a synonym for narrowmindedness. She had to do with the committee that decides which CD's get the "Parental advisory" stickers.
-- "You gotta be high to believe that you can change the world with a sticker on a record sleeve" -- Ice-T (Freedom of speech / Just watch what you say [1991]).

to get your swerve on
(v) A compliment of skill. If you are about to get your swerve on then you are confidently preparing to enter the conflict. If you got your swerve on it means you accomplished something skillfully.

(n) Gang pride/love (Polynesian/Maori).

Tony Montana
(n) The character of Tony Montana in the film "Scarface" which was released in 1983.
-- "Getting bitches and they can't stand a Nineteen-ninety-one Tony Montana" -- Ice Cube (My Summer Vacation [1991]).

1) (n) A poor or beginner graffiti artist.
2) (v) To purposefully write over another graffiti artists work (toy someone out).
3) (n) A sucker.
4) (n) Short for Trouble On Your System.

Tragniew Park Crips
(n) Compton crip set, associated with MC Eiht.
-- "Tragniew Park you say..." -- DJ Quik (Dollaz & Sense [1994]).

(v) to sell drugs.

tray eight
(n) See 38.

(n) Home of the old schoolrappers, PRT.

(n) Short for trick bitch. Derives from the turning tricks action of oral sex/doggy style of a prostitute. Can be used to acknowledge any sort of woman. More than often used as "slut", but a replacement for "bitch" will work too.
-- "Well if a bitch'll be a bitch, Then a trick'll be a trick" -- 2pac feat. Richie Rich (Lie To Kick It [1997])

1) (n) Trouble.
-- "At night time there's more trife than ever" -- Nas (One Love / Illmatic [1994])
2) (adj) Troublesome, causing trouble.
-- "Make your moves at night, Pack your heat in this war zone, niggas is trife" -- Mobb Deep (Up North Trip [1995])

(adj) Rough, street-wise person;
-- "Trill ass nigga" -- Underground Kingz (The Southern way [1992]).

triple beam
(n) Balanced scales for weighing with three grades of weights, originally used to measure gold, it is more commonly used to measure drugs.
-- "Runnin from the po po's cause were neva clean, Went from workin triple beam, weighin up bigga n betta" -- Bizzy Bone (Blaze A Sack)

1) (v) Literally making a misstep, figuratively doing something wrong.
2) (v) Responding to the effects of narcotics.
3) (v) Freak for any reason.
-- "Keep my finger on my Mac man, The crack game ain't shit, niggas tripping in this rap game" -- 2pac (Bury Me A G / Thuglife [1994])

truck jewelry
(n) big gold jewelry.

true that
(interj) See word is bond.

1) (n) To have lots of money, like billionaire Donald Trump.
2) (n) In certain card games the highest ranking suit is called trump (e.g. spades). When a person has nothing but trump cards in his hand it is referred to as being 'trump tight'.
-- "My game trump tight, especially when it bump like, four DPG's gettin' crazy, & No Limit is the label that pays me!" -- Snoop Dogg (Still A G Thang [1998])

(n) Tree Top Piru, a notorious Compton Blood set, associated with DJ Quik (addressed to MC Eiht)
-- "Westside Trees sprayin' all tha fleas" -- DJ Quik (Dollaz+Sense [1995]).

(n) A joint laced with crack, east coast term. The west coast equivalent is "primo". See also marijuana.

turn (it) out
1) (v) To make records.
2) (v) To have sexual intercourse with.

twenty sack
(n) One gram of marijuana, which costs $20. See also marijuana. Great examples of its use can be heard in Nas' track "NY state of mind" from his debut album "Illmtaic", released in 1994.
-- "I'ma addict for sneakers, twenties of buddah and bitches with beepers, In the streets I can greet ya, about blunts I teach ya" -- Nas (NY State Of Mind / Illmatic [1994])

(n) Drunk, under the influence of Alcohol.

[to be] high
(v) To be intoxicated by a drug of some kind. Other terms for it are: blazed, blunted, bombed, charged, juiced, skunked, stressed, toked.


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