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Xzibit Interview w/ StreetHop
 *(22 February, 2005)

Xzibit has been a strong figure in hip-hop since he first appeared with the Alkaholik crew and then branched off as a creative solo artist. With his current release Weapons Of Mass Destruction blowing up around the world, Mr X to the Z sat down with StreetHop.com to discuss his latest album, his views on the world, and much more. Raise your glasses!

You've come such a long way from your first album, At The Speed of Life, how have things changed?
Well thereís been a lot of growth, in what Iíve done in my life time up to this one. I think this one [has more growth] because this represents a milestone album in my career, and I think it speaks well for itself.

Youíve become a household name now in the main stream with the success of your MTV show, Pimp My Ride, how do you think this will affect your music career?
I canít tell what effect its going to have on [the] music side of things, but I think itís a blessing to be embraced by that many people. I know its not going to alter the way I make my music at all, but who knows what its going to do to effect how my records do.

Just out of interest what are you driving?
I drive an S500 Mercedes and a H2 Hummer, and I got Ďem both all hooked up!

What made you choose the rather controversial name of Weapons of Mass Destruction for this album?
Iím just very aware of my environment, and being that I am aware of whatís going on, it was very fitting to put these words into the title of the album, [because] the music speaks very powerful and is very strong and I think it was fitting to name the album that.

The track called war is such a powerful song that covers many aspects in real life, what made you do that song?
Well, I mean the basis of that song is that humanity, in all three of the situations, I mean thereís three totally different situations, but the clarity of the struggle is there. And I just think if you donít put your self in other peopleís shoes you donít realize the struggles that they go through. And [the song] is just a small glimpse of that thought.

How do you feel about the war in Iraq?
I think war for oil is not justifiable. You know, itís not a reason to go to war. I know when we initially went in it was supposed to be a search for weapons of mass destruction which was a threat to us as a society. But when there was no weapons found, it became about something totally different. And I think thatís unfortunate that we were duped into that and now weíre actually there and those peoples lives are in danger for personal gain and profit, you know its rough.

How do you feel about the future now that Bush has been reelected?
I think that the next term is going to be like a four year colonic. [laughs]

It seems like your records are very much a representation of your current life and mood, so what does Weapons Of Mass Destruction say about Xzibit as a man, artist and father?
Weapons of Mass Destruction, for me as an artist is a huge step forward, Iím executive producer on this album. As a father, I mean itís grown and mature observations Iíve made over the years, and the way Iíve incorporated that into my music. Its important for me to say these things, in coming from what Iíve come from and being who Iíve been over the years and being the man I am now, itís to be explained and itís to be portrayed and I think itís a well rounded album that I put together.

You recently hosted the MTV Europe Awards, to much success. But there was a little situation with Usher, can you clear that up?
What situation is that?

Apparently you made a little comment about Usher being from Queer EyeÖ
Ah man, I mean, I cracked a joke and he took it personal. I canít say much more then that. I donít know, I donít have anything against the guy or anything, and heís wasnít the only artist I made a joke about that night.

He was the only one to take it personally?
Yeah, but I guess, I heard guys like that are sensitive anyway.

Ok we wont touch that one!

Throughout your career youíve always been eager and whiling to move forward with your music, is this something you consciously try to do or is it just a by product of who you are?
I think itís just me trying to be the best artist that I can, and not just trying to be the same because a particular formula works. I want to be creative, I want to be influential, and I want to have said some important things when I get done at the end of the day. And that only happens when you strive to push the envelope and strive for perfection, and strive to do bigger and better records.

What do you have to say to people who say Xzibit changed, heís fallen off, heís gone commercial?
Listen to the record.


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