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ALBUM TITLE: Full Circle

LABEL: Open Bar Ent.

RELEASED: 27 Oct 2006

TOP TRACKS:  Family Values, Black & Brown, Thank You

RAPCENTRAL RATING: 4 out of 5 Stars - The Best From X-Z, Bar Restless


  'Full Circle' is the 6th studio album from the West Coast artist Xzibit, and during the course of his career he has seen his popularity seesaw up and down. His first 2 albums sold less than 200,000 until his collaborations with Dr. Dre on 'Restless' (probably X's best work) sold Platnum in 2000 as did 2002's 'Man vs. Machine' (another fine album). But 2004's 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' failed to surpass 300,000. Bringing X to the Z back to square 1. Now he has come with the appropriatley titled 'Full Circle', the first release on his own 'Open Bar Entertainment' label.

   X claims it is the strongest CD he has put out in a long time and the production on this LP comes mainly from Jelly Roll, who also features on 3 tracks. The title signifies Xzibit's change of perspective over the years, as to what he used to rap about when he was 18, 19 or 20. He says that he thinks differently now than he did back then. For example on 'The Whole World' he raps "Big bad insane, strong arm steady game/ way beyond the days of rockin them stupid rapper chains/" "I've definately grown as an individual, as a man and as a father" says the 32 year old MC. This is easy too see on his new tracks 'Family Values' and 'Thank You'. "I feel having powerful music that's saying something is a must for me now" he said in an interview. There are also a few hard hitting tracks such as 'Ram Part Division' where X adopts a deeper voice to play the role of a currupt LAPD police officer and the song tells the day-to-day life of the dirty cop.

   The Album has quite a few collaborations with West coast artists, like The Game, King T, Too $hort, Kurupt, Daz and DJ Quik. As west coast artists were the only artists available to him when he was coming up...like he says in 'Rollin' "sometimes you have to take a few staps back to mentally grow/". One of the harder hitting somgs on the album is 'Black & Brown', which talks about the escalating violence between Blacks and Hespanic's in Los Angeles, one of the better tracks overall. And i agree with X that it is one the best CD's he has put out in a long time (if not his career).

Review By: Bronz  

RapCentral Forum Member Comments:

CLEAR - 21/Oct/06: didn't like it, liked family values, probably the best on this album,i can't put him down on his other work but this didn't impress me, hopefully he goes to a better x cuz he was better before in my opinion. Good review man keep these coming.

StraightOutofBrazil - 24/Oct/06: Ive listened to about 6 songs off it like 3 were good 3 were wack I like 'thank you', 'black and brown' and 'family values' was alright. Even though 'concentrate' was weird he had a nice flow in it.

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